And So It Begins

7234023.jpgI feel a bit – OK a lot – like the fool in this project of mine. Excited, running headlong into new territory, green, and a little romantic – these are just some of the way I’d describe how I am feeling about starting a new blog. It is a scary thing for me to make this jump into blogging.

My mind is telling me that I have nothing new to contribute. “It has all been said before,” screams my brain. You know what though? Screw it. Here I am, and I’m pushing forward.

My name is Bree. I live in Vancouver, BC with my little dog who I consider to be my child.

I have been reading tarot cards for years in private. Recently though I’ve been studying the cards more deeply. In this blog I’d like to go through the tarot in the order we know them currently and discuss their meanings. I want to talk about the history of tarot and how it came to be as well.

I love gemstones and will be writing about their properties, how to use them and when.

Paganism, New Agey shiz and Witchy spirituality will be on the menu as well. I will endeavour to talk about as many aspects of pagan spirituality as possible. I want to explore different pantheons of goddesses and gods as well as the cultures that they come from.

This whole project of mine will definitely stretch my writing and research skills. I ask for your patience and understanding in this.

If you are reading this, thank you for being here! I appreciate any constructive suggestions. If you have any resources related to any of my posts you would like to point me towards, I’d love to see them.

Blessed be!




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