So I’m new to the whole meditation and shamanic journeying shizz. It is a fascinating process to say the least.

The past six months or so I have been working on learning how to meditate. Quieting my mind has been the hardest thing so far. I’ve had to go so far as putting in ear buds with drumming music or guided meditations and a sleep mask to block out any distractions. Lol. Sitting was a challenge because I’d get fidgety. :p So for the past while I have been laying on my bed with sleep mask on and ear buds in my auditory canals. Quite a sight I have been I’m sure.

The thing is thoughโ€ฆit worked. For me. And that is all that matters right? It helped me to learn to focus. It helped me to figure out what worked for me and what does not at this point in my life. I moved away from guided meditations because I found myself getting frustrated when not able to follow along. My mind would wander. I enjoy shamanic drums and other related music. I don’t feel so pressured when my mind wanders, I simply refocus and continue.

I’ve had to move off my bed now. There has been a few times I’ve gotten TO relaxed and fallen asleep. Opps! Lol. So now I have graduated, I guess you could say, to sitting at my alter, on a padded stool. It has been a huge change for me. I am very pleased with the development.


My Meditation Station/Alter ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you ever gone into a meditation with a specific vision of how it would be and it turned out different? I had this happen recently.

I got myself all set up. I usually include some sort of devotional if not a ritual when I meditate. I make the meditation a part of the whole deal. I had it in my mind what I was about. I was going to go to my quite spot. My quiet spot is a small pond surrounded by trees. There is a water fall and a small fast moving creek connected to the pond. It is very serene and peaceful. My intention in going to my quite spot that day was not to be alone. I wanted to invite my spirit guide to visit me if they wished.

So with my alter all set, Small invitational candle lit, incense burning and drum music in my ears, I set in to meditation. I focused on the forest my quiet spot is located in. I had a walking stick in one hand and candle in the other. As I approached the forest, my way was blocked by a very impressive being.


The Guardian Card from the Wildwood Tarot

If you are familiar with The Wildwood tarot deck you will know who the Guardian is. He is quite the sight! Well he stepped up and looked at me. Told me I could not pass and that I needed to put down my walking stick. I was scared at first but remembered my intention before starting my meditation. I quickly figured it out that I needed to go โ€œunarmedโ€ for a few reasons. To show I was willing to accept what happened and so that I did not scare the beings I might encounter. Once I put down my stick, The Guardian told me not to fear, the animals and beings would not harm me. Trust me when I say that was a relief. Iโ€™m such a chicken! LOL. So He let me pass finally, with my candle. I stepped on the path and went ahead.

The part of my experience is too sacred to share, but I can tell you this. I did eventually meet my Spirit Guide. We had a nice walk in the forest and relaxed in my quiet spot together. I spoke to them and asked them questions. After a while we said goodbye.

It was such a strong experience! Iโ€™m still buzzing about it! Haha!

If you are willing to share about your meditation experiences, please do in the comments section! Iโ€™d love to hear it!

Blessed Be!



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