5 Ways to A Happy Life

Happy Beltane Everyone! I have a special treat for you at the end of this blog post. Something I made just for you. 😀

I found a story online while perusing about online, like one does when they are not truly entertained by anything in that moment. There was this one part where an older lady was asked how she was always so happy…She gave 5 answers to that question…

Free your heart from hatred

  1. Free your mind from worries
  2. Live simply
  3. Give more
  4. Expect less

Such amazing advice! I want to talk about each of these separately,

Number One: Freeing your heart from hatred. Oye, talk about going straight for the gut on that one. I think we as humans tend to hold on to grudges and hates like shiny gold. It makes us feel superior and a step above the other person. It is ego pure and simple.

If we can learn to forgive and let go of anger we may be holding on to…wow how much lighter would we be. I know that when I am able to accomplish this it feels great. It is a freeing feeling to just let it all go. Cry, rant, scream and shout if you need to …then release it.

Number two: Free your mind from worries. Yes, relax. Worry is our imagination going into overdrive. I read once that 99% of our worries never come to life. I firmly believe this. Our minds love to whirl and run around shouting worrisome crap just to mess with us. I think that if we can use our imaginations creatively it will leave less time for worry. Finding a different focus for my mind has helped me a lot.

BUT… what about those of us that live with anxiety and depression?  This is harder to work with I know from personal experience. I live with anxiety and it is a fucking bitch. I could go on…I will share more in the future. What I will say about this is we can work through those times of high anxiety and panic attacks. Breathe though the tightness and pounding heart. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Go to your doctor and seek help if you feel you need it.

Number Three: Live simply. What a wonderful thought. How can we do this? By not purchasing all the shiny things at the store. By not trying to keep up with the joneses next door. Anything that has you comparing yourself to others needs to go.

You are just fine as who you are. Be you. We don’t have to have all the latest clothes, cool cars or beautiful leather furniture. Things mean little if we are not happy with ourselves. So get rid of all the clutter and items you don’t needs. Donate them.

Go for a walk in the woods instead of a 100$ meal at a fancy restaurant. Read a book instead of going to the movies. There are so many ways to simplify life.

Number four: Give more. Give more of your time and self to those you love and care about. Instead of staring at the TV all night, cook and eat dinner together, play a game or do a craft together. Quality over quantity right.

Now I know in this busy world it is difficult to give to our communities. But if you do have time, volunteering is a great way to give of yourself. Myself…I have not been able to do this. In the past my anxiety and self-consciousness has keep me from it. Now…I’m so damned busy. Excuses excuses…but I do plan to get out and volunteer in the future. I’m going to make time for it.

And last: Expect less. To me this means that we don’t push our expectations on other people. It is allowing others to live their path and make their choices without judgement.

This has been and still is a hard lesson for me to learn. I am a person who is a doer. I want everything done and done right now to my specifications. Oh and why aren’t you keeping up with me and my energy? Very Queen of Swords in her shadow aspect. Over the last year or two I have begun to learn to let go. It has been a release of stress and part of my anxiety. I still have my moments for sure…but I feel so much lighter.

So, who cares if the floors where not vacuumed quiet how you like it, at least it was done. Those Carrots…no they were not chopped just so…but they were chopped. Opps…the significant other forgot to go the store and pick up the butter…but they are home and love you. These are small things that don’t matter.

Let’s keep our expectations for the big things. Keep them for drawing healthy boundaries in our lives. We will feel less like a stress case this way.

Alright! Here is my gift to you. A few nights ago I was inspired by my thoughts about Beltane Fires. For those of you who do not know what Beltane is, it is a pagan celebration of the coming of spring. It has a lot of fire imagery associated with it.

Now I am going to say right here…I have no idea if anyone else has ever thought of this kind of spread. I did not look it up to see. I’m sure there may be. So please do not think I’m stealing someone else’s ideas. If there is…you can feel free to tell me and I’ll give credit where it is due.

Without further ado….

Beltane Fire Tarot Spread.

Card one: What do I want to set fire to?
Badass Individualistic Creativity? Release of an emotion? Situation? Person? Love?

Card two: The Accelerant
What do I need to do to cause to the spark?

Card three: The slow burning fuel.
What can I do to keep the fire burning?

Card four: the coals
What can I expect after the fire burns down?


I’ll be doing this spread for myself on the weekend during my celebration of Beltane. If you all would like to try it please do. I’ll post it on my Instagram with the details. I’d love to see pictures of your spreads. You don’t have to show the cards facing up if you’d like to keep it personal totally ok, but I’d love to hear about your experiences on Instagram. You will find it under #nymsbeltanefirespread.

Enjoy the tarot fun!

Much Love!



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