I See Hope in the Tarot

For me the theme of hope in the tarot is never a far stretch. If you give me a card I would pretty much find a hopeful message in it if given my own choice. As in I’m not doing a reading for someone…just asked what I personally see for myself in the card. Over this past weekend, May 28-30, I had done a few meditations. The first one was in my opinion not the most productive, this is totally my “Priscilla Producer” shadow-self showing up, so I pulled a few cards and placed them on my alter. The Page of Swords was pulled and I was like yeah yeah…open your mind and learn your lessons…whateve. He has shown up quite a few times before now so I was dismissing him. Even so,  I felt steered to leave him there for me to see. I had a niggling in my mind that I needed to learn something from him.


Page of Swords from The Joie De Vivre Tarot

In my second meditation he was there to remind me that there was something for me to learn. I sat to meditate and let my mind be. I spoke to my guides and ask for the ability to accept their messages for me. One of their messages was about hope.

I was lead to look at my candle flames and the Page card. In this depiction of the Page of Swords he has a sun on his stomach. I always see fire as hope filled and burning with life. So I began to see this page as a hopeful character. He is standing there in his mindscape with his sword and not being moved. He has this fire in him, his fire of hope, to help him stay strong in all his trials.

I then turned this towards myself. I also thought about other people out there who may deal with a cloudy mindscape. I made myself the Page of Swords, I did not have to imagine the raging storms of my own mindscape, and I could see the chaos within others. What a hopeless world some of us live in. I know I am 100 percent guilty of being and feeling hopeless. It is easy to feel so in our world where there is so much destruction and hatred.

I kept pondering this sunburst on the belly of our Page. That warmth and heat filling him and feeding his mental strength. Hope is what gives us the drive to keep going. I felt that keenly. I heard the lesson in my mind “Be Hope.”

Yes! Let us be Hope. Hope begins in the mind. That is where it is housed and fed. If we cannot embrace hope within our minds we cannot anywhere else.

While in my thoughts I was minded of the Rider Waite version of the Five of Pentacles. The figures in the card are moving. They are not laying there giving up, they have the desire to go and find what they need. Their bodies are cold and they are most likely hungry. They have hope that what they need will be found and kindly given.

What this card teaches us is that even while beaten and half frozen, we can keep going. What is freezing you? Fear? Self-doubt? Lack of faith in yourself? Whatever it is can be worked through and at the very least patched up. We all have scars…oh Goddess do we! How can we not? If we don’t have scars we have not lived. Let’s not allow those scars to control us. Allow hope to be your driving force, Hope will defrost you and you will be able to have movement in your life again.

I could go on with many cards like, Death, Judgement, Eight of Swords and Three of wands…and so on…but this would get quite long.

I ask you to look at your life and find that hope you may be missing. Embody it and embrace it.

Tarot card readers and enthusiasts, where do you see hope in the tarot? Do you have a card that personally signifies this for you? I’d love to hear from you.

Blessed be,



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