knight Of Swords

We all get it many times in our lives. It makes us feel shitty, depressed and like we can’t do a thing. This is not true, though in the moment it might be hard to believe.

 Time to make a choice. Yes or No, Are you going to grow or stay in your cocoon?

 We all must begin at the start and run the race. That gunshot has to gone off and we need to start moving. It does not matter how quickly we move or where we go even…because our race is ours. Our race track of life is ours to crawl, walk, jog or run. The direction we go is not even important as long as we are moving forward…forward to those moments and actions that will have us feeling the way we truly desire to feel.

It is all a test of our resolve and faith. Resolve to continue and fight our way to those dreams (cause let’s face it, it feels like a fight a lot of the time) we have or to let it all go and stay in our misery. The faith we show ourselves will come from the actions we take to continue moving forward. We must have faith in ourselves because no one else’s words, actions or faith on our behalf will carry us very far. It has to come from our own fire and desire.

 Our mindscapes are our own.

 No one else knows what we are going through from one moment to the next. The same is true for other people, we don’t know their minds or what they are thinking. We all process life at different frequencies. Our experience levels also are a factor in our day to day lives. Just because one person can do that amazing drool worthy art work does not mean we can or even should. That is their creation and they are allowed to be proud of it. Be proud of them and their efforts and give them the kudos they deserve.

You in turn can create or develop something just as great…just in your style. Your flavor is yours, so be proud of it! You don’t need to be an award winning fiction author, an amazing psychologist, or some well spoken YouTuber,  just be you. Find what is within that creates your joy. Follow that. Your joy (is your soul I might suggest) is waiting for you to be its friend.

Running from our heart love because we don’t believe we are good enough is spirit crushing.

 It is absolutely devastating to our psyches and emotional health. Now you might be wondering…. Well how the hell do I go for my joy when I have X, Y, Z, A, B, C to do every day and still find time to rest? Do little pieces whenever you can. Even if it just once a week and that is all you can do…at least you are doing it. Eventually you will find that you have time more often. You will even desire to do more. Patches of opportunity will start to jump at your attention and those small pieces will bring you to the completion of a project, creating a website, healthier eating or anything else you are working on.

Comparisonitus is a hard little worm to get rid of, I suggest not even really trying. What we can do instead is change our way of thinking. When Comparisonitus creeps up and you find yourself thinking things like…

“I’ll never speak as well as that person.”

“I’m not half as smart as so and so.”

“That individual looks incredibly healthy, I’m not even close to that. ”

 Shift your thinking.

 Move it from focusing outward and redirect it back to you. Look at all your own accomplishments. Bring your view towards the challenges you have overcome and be proud of yourself! You are most likely kicking ass and forgetting you are an amazing person in your own right. You have the right and responsibility to allow yourself to feel great about you.

 Give yourself that permission.

 If for some reason you are feeling lack luster even after reviewing your own great shit, then maybe sit down with yourself. Have a tet a tet with you. Use this as a kick start to causing some change in your life. Shaking things up and creating excitement in your soul.

 Be you. Be free. Be self-loving. Be creative.

 Now is the time to go and do. Step confidently and with kind words for yourself. Reach a level above where you think you are. YOU WILL SURPRISE YOURSELF. I promise.

Much love and light,



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