OK, yes I am a white woman who is writing about #blacklivesmatter. You might think I have no right speaking about this…but I’m going to anyway. I believe every voice is needed until permanent change is established. My words here are with all my love and heart. I only wish to add my voice to the fray and hope it helps.

Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge Louisiana), Philando Castile (St. Paul Minnesota, Dallas), All names of black men that have been in the news lately. Tragedy and violence so often. How about Eric Garner (Stanton Island, NY)? Or Aaron Smith (Montgomery, Alabama)? More and more… it is absolutely disgusting how people treat their fellow man. I could name so many more in so many different situations. Alton and Philando are the most recent so let’s talk about them.

These men were murdered by the police. Period. Why? Because of their skin color? What a complete load of shit. Alton may have been skirting the law a little but there is zero excuse for shooting the man. He was doing what he had to do to provide for himself. He was not running around selling drugs as far as any reports have said. Just to be clear…That still is not a reason to kill ANYBODY. He was simply selling CDs. Wow…the artists might have lost a few bucks, to damn bad.

What about black women? Rekia Boyd of Chicago. Kathryn Johnston of Atlanta. Keyarika Diggles of Jasper, Texas. They are treated just the same…if not more horrifically at times. Women of all colors and shapes are seen as less, as disposable. Women are none of this. I know my share of black ladies, they are some of the best people I know, strong, confident and vibrant…I love them a lot even though I don’t get to see them often.

I am sickened and saddened every time I hear of more violence against the black community. I speak my support of you all right here in writing. I am with you and give you my love and admiration. I promise that if I ever see black person being harassed or assaulted in any manner, I will help.



This is dear to my heart. I have family members, very close friends and myself to think about on this one. How can my loved one not matter? Why do their lives count for less than a straight or cis-gendered persons? How can this be? Is it because they do not conform to what is “normal”? Is it because “normal” people fear them? This scares me to no end. Just because some of us choose to love differently means we are not accounted respect of consideration? For the random fancy of the universe an individual may have been born different, not feeling happy or comfortable in the body that was given them…so they are seen as not worthy to live? Not worthy to been spoken to with care and kindness?…


Well to fucking bad. Society needs a good shaking. All of the people who are on auto pilot have got to WAKE UP! This is a scourge on our society. Those of us who are a bit more woken up then others should be encouraged to share their voices. Speak up and be heard. Spread your goodness and support to those who are fighting to change society for the better. Every life is precious. Each and every person is deserving of love and to love as they choose. Every human being has the right to seek happiness and comfort in their life. Each individual person should be afforded respect and kindness.

It does not matter if they are Black, Gay, Trans, Homeless or others wise…HELP them if they are need of it. Be a fucking human being with a heart and soul. Show the world you have a conscience.

Will you stand up to help those who are pushed to the side in our society? Will you open your month and add your voice to the choir that is singing “ENOUGH!!”

I hope you will.


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