“If you are determined to change, You must become the student of change.”

For the life of me…I cannot remember where I heard this. I wrote it down one day and forgot about it. This will teach me to write down a quote without jotting down the speaker. 😛 It could have been from a Kelly-Ann Maddox video. She is just amazeballz like that, always has quote worthy shit to say…or shares great pearls of wisdom from other people. If anyone knows I’d like to give credit where it is due. 😀

Moving on…I was inspired by this quote because I have in the past and still struggle with change. It is a hard on for me to accept, which is weird as I’m an Aries through and through…but maybe this is my cusp of Taurus aspect coming through. I’m no astrological expert, but I know I can be extremely stubborn. My Aries personality wants to run forward without having to wait for things to grown. I want to learn but do not want to take the time to grow. It is a personal inner struggle that I have learnt to accept and am learning to work with. J

That is why, when this quote came to me, it hit me hard. I need to become a student of change. Learn to know when I need to change, accept that change and see the change as a blessing. This also brought up a lot of questions. Where do we start!??? Holy crap…that is huge and my mind wants to impload. There are so many option out there it can be overwhelming. That one question is the crucks on which I continue…

First, how do we want to change?

What is the change we want to see in ourselves? This feels like the perfect place to start. Zeroing in on the detail/issue we want to change is the most important thing. If we don’t know what we want to change but know we want SOMETHING to change…we can’t move forward. We must have that information to take the next step.

So what is it? Environment? Job? Self-Dialog? Negative Mindscape? Broken Heart? Meditate on this until you pin down what it is you truly want adjusted in your life. Once you have that move on to…

What is the process we need to instigate this wanted change?

            The next step in this process of change is to learn how to integrate this into your life/mind. Look for resources that will teach you the skills to push this transformation forward.

Do you want to program your own website? Excellent, then you need to look for books or maybe classes to download this information from.

Do you want to eat healthier? Fabulous, look for blogs or YouTube videos from reputable people to teach you dietary tips and tricks.

Are you wanting to have more confidence in your life and abilities? Brilliant, Look for inspirational speakers to listen to, life coaches who bless their followers with free stuff to encourage you or start moving your body (This is a huge one for me. This one thing can change so much in our lives. We just get so much motivation from JUST MOVING!)

We must search for what we want. It is not going to be given to us on a platter. Modifications in life will take physical effort. Shifts of our mindscapes while working on our inner world will take great brain power. It is all worth it though. Embrace your courage, take a breath and learn. Give your mind and soul permission to encompass this new material and use it. Go forward with bravery and courage.

What do we want this change to look like in the end?

What is our vision? What is the core feeling you want as this change occurs? Important questions because if we don’t consider this we may end up somewhere we don’t want to be. We could do all this great stuff and end up somewhere we did not expect. Consider the whole road you are thinking of traveling. Do your best to look at all the aspects of the journey. That being said, don’t over analyse or you might lead yourself into a wall. Remember why you started making these plans in the first place.

I hope that with these few words of mine you can find some encouragement. I truly believe this is something every person deals with. The hard part is keeping up the motivation to see our desires come to life. Channel the wands suit from the tarot. Stay fiery and passionate about what you want to do! I wish you all great blessings and inspiration in your endeavours.




One thought on ““If you are determined to change, You must become the student of change.”

  1. latinoscorp says:

    I relate to your resistance to change. But rather than “driving” I procrastinate. In extremis–I don’t have a purple marker, or I need to replan, or read one more thing, or…

    My solution appeared synchronically, and you were its instrument!!!

    You did a reading for me. The question was “clarity around self imposed barriers…”
    In this reading you addressed what the barriers were, but you offered, more importantly, actions to do. I.e: “You are feeling lack of wisdom.” Then adding “create your own ways,” and continued with many details on steps to take to achieve change.

    You became catalyst at many levels. Blessings.


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