Willows East Blog Hop!

Hi to everyone who encounters this blog entry! *waves* I am very happy to have you visit my little online home. I would like to thank Willows East for starting this blog hop and bringing us tarot/spiritual bloggers together. This is such a pleasure and I am excited to check out the other blogs that are being written in this hop. I am certain they will all be fabulous and will be fun to read.

Let’s get to the meat of this blog shall we? Willows East has some questions she wants us all to answer so here I go…

What brought you to Tarot?

Great Question. I was drawn to tarot because I thought it could tell the future and foretell my destiny. LOL. I hoped with all my little heart that it would tell me the way out of my childhood trauma and depressive state. Which it can! But at that time I thought it was a more “magical” process. >.< Oh how wrong I was. Don’t get me wrong, Tarot is truly magical, just not in the way I wanted it to be. I wanted it to give me the answer to all my problems. I did not want to put in any effort to change my life I wanted it to just be “fixed”. This is not what tarot does. It guides and shows us paths we can take…but we have to do the work.

I could go on and on. Long story short…here I am years later and a little bit wiser. 😀 I have a love for tarot that is strong and steady. I have matured in my out look towards reading the tarot. Reading the tarot to me is not fortune telling, it is tuning into my spirit and the energies of the universe. Tarot is my friend and guide whom I feel happy to share my fears and anxieties with and know I’ll not be judged. I might get a swift kick in the chakras but the tarot always shares and teaches me wisdom.

Which deck is your favorite?

Oh geez…I love so many. My BFF, My favorite has to be The Ostara Tarot. It is beautifully illustrated by four different artists. The amazing thing about this deck for me is, it was created locally to me (Vancouver, BC). The artists that made The Ostara Tarot are all local and only did one printing so far. I found it randomly at a comic book convention. The moment I held the deck in my hands and looked at the cards I knew it was mine. LOL!  YAY for Indy decks!  The deck is colorful and made of very good card stock. It is Rider Waite system based and is my go to deck for most of my divinatory work. I love that is it not people centric. It has a lot of animals in its cards which thrills me.

If you would like to check out the deck you can go here —> Ostara Tarot Tumbler

I am under the impression that there are no printings planned at this moment. I am hoping in the future that there will be because this is a wonderful deck.

Link to your Tarot business page, shop, or explain the purpose of your blog.

I will give you all three of these. 😀

What is the purpose of my blog? To share my thoughts and ideas. To inspire. To create major havoc for negativity that is in the world. To expand my writing skills and reach out to anyone who reads my musings. I will admit to not being an experienced blogger but I am learning. I have some blog series in mind so I am excited about those right now. At the moment I am working on visiting and interviewing local Woo Woo shops in my area and online. Also a series that goes through the whole tarot deck and talks about hope.  I am also working on a tarot encyclopedia of sorts to add to my website. I hope to expand my blog to become a platform to teach and inform about tarot and other new age/pagan issues and points of interest.

Here is my tarot/business/blog web address: www.nymsdivination.com

This is where you will find my Blog and Services. I do tarot and oracle card readings. I am planning to offer charm castings and Psephomancy (divination by stones) readings soon as well.  I have a link to my Etsy shop there for ease and convenience.

My Etsy shop is here: Nym’s Divination Etsy Shop

What makes your journey or business unique?

It is unique because it is me. I know that might seem like a simplistic answer. I don’t feel it is so. None of us are simple, we are all complicated and colorful beings. Each of our layers are placed in different patterns and shapes. So yes, my blog and business are unique because I am unique. If you were to get a reading from me, or read a blog on my site…it would not be the same as anyone else’s.

I do have a future goal that will make my site and blog “physically” different than some other divinatory sites and services. In the near future I will be offering Charm Casting and Psephomancy Readings. What pray tell are those? Let me tell you briefly.

Charm Casting has evolved from dice throwing. In history people would use dice to make decisions, to divine and for games of chance. Charm casting is done with little charms like this…

Charm 2

One does a charm cast by shaking the charms around in a container and then “casting” them on a flat surface. You then divine from their positions on the surface and in relation to each other. I have a blog up about this here —> Charm Casting 101

My Psephomancy readings are going to take some more work before I can really talk about them, but I am truly inspired by this form of sortilege. I do it occasionally for myself and for my social media posts. You can see my social media here,

Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

Ask your deck, higher self, or guide, what it would like to share with visitors. Draw one card and/or share your response.

I was asked to draw one card…but two flew out of my deck. LOL. Here are the cards I got,

Three is pentacles and ten of wands. Craftsmanship and following our inspirations can feel like a heavy weight some days. It can feel like all your efforts are falling on the dust and not being seen or heard. It can be heart breaking to feel this way. Seek out people who are in the same place as you. In this you can feel support and encouragement from people who do the same type of creative work as yourself. You can also give encouragement to them in turn, you will feel a boost of spirit in doing this.

Something to remember though, the wands representing our inspiration, creativity and passion…they are not dead sticks. They are sprouting and alive. Creative work is living work. It sprouts and grows in different directions. It can be placing roots or throwing out new leaves. We never know which it is until later. Keep pushing forward. Keep producing your work and your talents will slowly but surely become acknowledged.

As Dory famously says “Just keep swimming!” 😉

Please go to Willows East’ Blog hop page and check out all the other blogs after you have seen mine. Here is the link…

Willows East Blog Hop

Blessed be!



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