The Fool: I See Hope Series.

This is the beginning of a series of Blog posts where I focus on the feelings of hope in each tarot card. I wish for this series of blog posts to resonate with and touch a heart or two. if you enjoy any of these blogs please let me know. 😀

Hope is such a strong word. Hope is life. Hope is desire. Hope is stretching and reaching. A child lives in a perpetual world of hope. Their little hearts are always hopeful that they will receive their desire in the moment they crave it. To deny them their expectation is to receive an explosion of despair. Every parent knows this keenly. As a professional Child Care Worker I know this just as well as a parent. Hope is also trust. Trust that we will receive what we need. Trust in the caring of family and friends. Hope is essential to our lives and our minds.

This brings me to The Fool card of the tarot. The Fool is seen as a blank slate, the just hatched egg of cosmic potential, the wondering lust of life, the unlearned child, the adventure seeker and many more colorful descriptors. In the Fool cards the individual is often seen with a dreamy look on their face as if they are in another world. This could be seen and interpreted in many ways, I like to see it as if they are looking at their hope and what they can achieve. Let’s glance at some of the symbolism in the card, for this series I will be using the Joie De Vivre Tarot Deck.


The Fool from the Joie De Vivre Tarot. Created by Paulina Cassidy.

The Fool here is walking along and as expected with the Fool not paying attention. She is going to fall into this swamp that is in front of her. She has a walking stick with a spider hanging out on it and a bag tied to another stick over her shoulder. She also has a companion, this friend is a bat and he is trying to save her from falling into the swamp with the dangerous creatures. There are butterflies fluttering around her head and a big flower growing out of the swamp. On The Fool’s bag is the symbol of Uranus, the planet of sudden turns, rebellion, independence, invention, surprises, liberation, disruption and awakening all very connected to The Fool. So how do I see Hope in The Fool card? Let’s examine some of this symbolism.

The path that The Fool is walking along is short and leads to a cliff. This minds me of walking along blindly like a child, full of trust (that translates to hope) and joy. Just like a child. They play and wander without a care. They trust their guardians to protect them and keep them from harm.

We can place the bat in the role. The bat can also be seen as our intuition. In the early stages of any venture our intuition is an early warning system. To go forth and be brave, we hope in our instincts for guidance to lead us from harm and hurt. This friend of ours always means well and gives us nudges but we don’t always listen…that is when we gain those painful leaning experiences. Our minds are expanded through these moments in our lives.

The butterflies are the changes our mind takes as we journey. These fluttering beauties are symbols of this growth and expansion of the mind, the laying down of new synapses through our physical, mental and emotional experiences. We don’t know where we are going or what we are doing on our individual paths but we are hopeful we will gain knowledge and wisdom as we go.

From all these images and symbols I see The Fool’s hope as hope for life. The trust and confidence of one who has not been tainted by society’s poo pooing. They ignore the nay sayers and do what they want any way. The fool never intends any harm or disaster. They certainly stumble across it though.

Our Fool does not let their failures define them. They take these times of lesser glory to be moments to create better in the future. They are hopeful of continuous learning and development and actively seek it out accordingly.

Where do you see Hope in your life? Are you starting out on new adventures? Are you looking forward to the future with big dreams and grand plans? I try to be like the hopeful Fool. They are such a vibrant archetype to focus on. Fearless and bright. My hope 😉 is that we all can become the fearless fool and reach for those desires of our hearts.

Much love!


If you would like more thoughts on the feeling of hope, please see my past blog on the subject here –> HOPE


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