Lughnasadh 2016

Hello my Star Monkeys! Today is lughnasadh. It is a beautiful day here in Vancouver BC. It looks like it is going to be a hot one as well. Perfect for a festival started by a sun god right? LOL.

Yes, Lughnasadh was instituted by Lugh the Celtic God of the Sun. This harvest festival was put into place as a memorial to his foster mother Tailtia. She was a queen or leader in the ancient celtic world. It is a sad thing that a lot of history has been lost of muddled to the point we can not actually know with certainty the original myths and history of times past. I wish I could give you all a wonderful history lesson today about the myths of Lugh and his foster mother, But I can’t because I refuse to pass on information that I can not be at least somewhat sure about. This just tells me that I need to do more research. LOL.

What I can tell you is this, Tailtia was Lugh’s foster mother and a mother/queen archetype. She gave her life to help the people she ruled. There was a lot of war and the land was destroyed because of this fighting and blood shed. It was time to plant the crops and there was nowhere to plant. Tailtia went out herself and cleared the land for planting. She gave the land life. By the time harvesting season came her energies where spent and she past. Lugh loved his Foster Mother so much he instituted a funeral celebration for her.

As with a lot of mythology the stories have a cyclical nature to them. They tell the story of the cycles of life and the passing seasons. So at this time of harvest we celebrate and honour Tailtia and her sacrifice. Giving thanks to her for the energy she gave to the earth and what we reap from it. When spring comes again she will be youthful and vibrant and ready to make the earth new again.

The feelings and symbology of Lughnasadh are sacrifice and preserving. This is a wonderful time to look at ourselves and see what is there that is not working, not needed or just excess baggage. Get rid of the dross. Preserve what is working for you! Pin point the projects and energetic workings you have going on that are being fruitful. Preserve them and keep them going until it is time to acknowledge they have come to an end.

I have a tarot spread for you all to try out. I found it enlighten and enjoyed reading for myself.


Card 1: Regrets. What do we regret at this time because it was not give any chance to grow.

Card 2: Farewells. What has grown but is not viable. What is just being an energy sucker?

Card 3: Harvest. What is fruitful? What is growing in our life and bringing abundance?

Card 4: Preserves. How can we preserve what has been fruitful?


I wish you all a wonderful day today. May you be blessed!



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