What The Tarot Is To Me

It is a friend

The Tarot is like a BFF that helps me to see things clearly when my attention is not where it should be. When I am indecisive or unsure about a particular issue I can go to the Tarot and receive guidance.

There are times it will speak bluntly and to the point, others where it will speak gently and lovingly. It always communicate in the way I need it to at that moment. Then there are those times that frustrate the bejeezus out of me…it is those times it speaks cryptically and like a puzzle. The Tarot makes me work for the answer I need. I’m not always thankful for those times because damn it I want the information I seek like NOW. in the end though I always appreciate the process.

So like a good friend it will help where needed. It also allows me to figure out things on my own. There are always those times when we shake out fists at the sky and ask “why?”. It is those times the Tarot, like a friend, knows to step back and just support through the learning process.

A tool of focus for my spiritual practice

I use the tarot extensively in my spiritual practices. My practice is very basic and not fluffy or overly ceremonial, I’m a straight to the point kind girl. I do not do long drawn out rituals or feel the need to be overly ritualistic. I have my alter, crystals and tarot cards. That is it. Where my practice is the most interesting is the inner work I do, not the outer. I have had a lot of work to do on my inner world before I felt that I was ready to start causing change in the outer. I have only just begun to work with Outer Magick as Ill call it, or the manifestation of my will and desires to cause change in the physical world, over the last year. Up until then all the magick I did was internal, to cause change within.

So, How did the Tarot help me with this? Cause internal change is a long and sometimes difficult process. I began working with the tarot 10 years ago. For the first half of that it was sporadic and only not overly serious. That is not to say it did not help me even then, it did. It has been the last 5 years that huge shifts in my practice and seriousness for the Tarot took root.

I began to use the cards daily and to ponder them. I knew there was power not necessarily in the cards themselves but within myself. The Tarot helps to activate out brains in a way that brings what is subconscious to the conscious. It brings those items, events and memories we do remember or choose not to acknowledge to the forefront for us to face and analyze.

This is what it did for me. It brought those difficult to face pieces of myself and life into my conscious mind and I had to deal with them. Straight up, it was HARD! it is never easy to do this, but fuck is it ever worth it. I promise you. I have changed for the better because of this Internal Magick I have been practicing. For the longest time I never knew it had a name. It is popularly called Shadow Work.

There is a lady on YouTube who I consider the Shadow Work Goddess, Her name is Kelly-Ann Maddox, Look her up!

Now I have said I don’t really like fancy intricate rituals, But a few things I always do are light incense, candles and meditate/pray. Tarot is part of this as well. I usually will get settled into my alter space and then say a few words to my guides. After that Ill pull a card as a focus for my meditations. (I am actually going to be starting a mediation journey through the cards. I am excited about the prospects of what I’ll learn during this process.) I will leave the card on my alter until the next time I meditate as a reminder of whatever spiritual message I received at that time.

A way to help others

I arrived at a spot in my spirituality where I felt I can help others through the reading of Tarot for them. How do I do this?

I am not a fortune teller. I use the Tarot for spiritual guidance and I read the cards with this purpose. When I am working with a client I do not answer questions like,

“Will I win the lottery?”

“Does So and So love me?”

“Will my loved one be safe on their trip to ….”

I focus more on the questions of the soul. Spiritually entered and heart level questions are my thing. So if you have questions like…

“How can I bring more closeness to my family?”

“My mother just past away, Im hurting, How can I cope with the pain?”

“I am so confused! I know my spirit is searching for something but I don’t know what? Help!”

Then I’m your girl. 😉

I do not believe the tarot can tell the future because there are to many variables. I liken life to a spiderweb. There are way to many threads to life that really know whats going to happen. When someone predicts the future with tarot all they are doing is say that that is one of numerous possibilities. Humans have been gifted with consciousness and free will, two very powerful traits. Each and every minute of our days is a choice that leads us along diverse paths.

This is why I focus on the spiritual guidance that I can give though the tool of the Tarot. The Tarot with its pictures and symbolism pulls from the realms of the unconscious and lets us see those things that need to be examined. I am able to read the cards for other people and do this for them. With the Tarot and my guides there to whisper to me what the Querent needs to hear, I am able to deliver a message of peace and encouragement. I am always humbled after a reading as it is such a powerful experience. I am blessed and thankful I can be of service to the world in this way.

I would love to hear what the tarot is to you? I welcome all view points and opinions as long as they are respectful. Please post your comments below.

Much love,



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