Learning The Tarot With A Difference


In this blog post I can only talk about myself. I only have my experience to go by. This is as it should be, no one should speak for another person. What I do want to do with this blog post is show I can sympathize with anyone in a similar boat and inform those who are not.

What do I mean by the word difference in my title? I am talking learning differences. Those “limitations” some of us have. Some people are born with different ways of seeing the world, understanding facts from books, unique memories and just plain different brain wiring. None of this is a “disability” it is just different. I have a learning difference that I was born with. I have difficulties memorizing facts and figures(math), so don’t ask me what I read in that fascinating informational book yesterday cause I’m not going to remember. It is a lifelong frustration of mine that I have had to learn to live with.

Now you might be wondering why I’m putting quotations around a few of those words above. That is because I feel very strongly that those words don’t actually apply to people like me and are archaic. They where still being used when I was a child, still are today to my chagrin, and I didn’t like it then and don’t now. Labeling someone with a Learning Disability is like placing a stamp on them that says DEFECTIVE, BROKEN or FLAWED. People with a different way of learning are none of those. Our perspectives come from a unique frequency and direction that is special.

With these special view points, we as people with learning differences, can change the world! We can help others see things as we do and our creative expression is immensely valuable. Art, music and writing can be produced from our remarkable minds. I could go on about “disability” rights and the like…but not right now. For now, know that being created differently does not mean, less than, lacking or inadequate.

This bring me now to the point where I’ll talk about learning the tarot with a difference. Ill discuss how to move past those blocks we all feel in regards to our LD’s.


I can not begin to explain the level of frustration that happens when learning something as wonderfully complex as the Tarot. I am not going to sugar coat it at all. For me the Tarot was a mountain to climb and can still be after all these years. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from learning the cards. I am just expressing my experience and ‘am pretty damned sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Even with all the frustration of getting my mind to understand the cards, it was more than worth it. It has been a divine experience that I would never give back. The amazing thing is, the experience is not over. It is a lifelong learning that I look forward to. I will admit, with the base knowledge I now have, learning and incorporating new ideas about the tarot is easier than before. So the initial struggle will not last forever, I promise!

Once you start, keep going, put pressure on any barrier you feel is in your way and you will break through. There is absolutely no reason one can not learn the tarot. If you are a person who has learning differences and are interested in the Tarot, you are most likely at an age where you understand how you learn. So my suggestion is to focus on how you learn things. Are you a audio type learner? Find audio books or youtube channels that will teach you the tarot. Are you a more hands on, tactile type of learner? Then seek out books and youtube channels to get your base information. Get yourself a deck and practice reading for yourself and others who are supportive of your desire to learn.

Always remember…Focus on the information about the cards (the meanings and important symbology), not the ritual or procedure that a particular tarot reader has. Just soak up the relevant information and forget the rest. You will find your own rituals and ways of doing things. As you go on, you will learn how to trust your intuition and the messages given to you by spirit.

The other frustration that can happen is not having a support system. Having people actively poo poo your efforts or not having anyone there to cheer you on is disheartening. Being on your own in any project can be a spirit killer. DON’T GIVE UP! This is your goal not anyone else’s. It does not matter what other people think about your interests and whether they think you have the ability to learn how to read the cards. Tell them with kindness and love the that this is something you wish to do and if they can not support you they can at least be quiet about it. No one deserves to be deflated because someone else cannot understand your desire to fly.


Self-Doubt is the ultimate spirit killer! Our own minds can be our worst enemies. It is a sad fact that a lot of us LD’s have confidence issues. That is OK. When we are aware of our insecurities we can work through them. Self-awareness is the best defence against self-doubt.

So say your plugging along with your tarot studies and all of a sudden you have this wave of “I CAN’T DO THIS!” come over you. Breath and focus. Bring awareness to the fact that this is just a moment of uncertainty brought on randomly or by fear. If you have to, step away and come back later, BUT COME BACK. Do not give into fear or the words of discouragement you have running through your mind. No matter what your goals are you can do it with some effort and balls. You do in fact have the capacity to do anything you put your mind to. Our minds work, they really do, we just think in a way that does not always jive with other people’s patterns of thought. This fact is not going to affect your ability to read tarot. You still receive insight from the spiritual realm like everyone else. You are not spiritually defective.

Comparisonitus is a form of self-doubt that has one judging themselves against an other. We sit there and look through magazines, watch movies and ingest other forms of media and before we know it our realities are skewed. We begin to see other peoples lives as better and more fulfilling then our own. We compare our looks, intelligence, education levels and more to some person we do not even know. We at times even do this with people we have close relationships with. I liken this itus to a little worm that wiggles around in your thoughts and spreads its rotten seeds of negativity.

To combat this itus we need to realize what we are doing. So if we see other tarot readers out there doing fantastic stuff and get discouraged. Firstly we need to figure out why we feel discouraged. Are we disappointed in our selves for some reason? Are we fearful of putting ourselves out there to be seen? Do we not feel worthy enough? Let’s turn those feelings around and make them fuel for success. Examine those feelings and get to the core of them. Then you refocus that energy towards changing your thought patterns and perspective. This will in turn create a better mental environment for tarot study, daily practices and reading for people.

Commune With Sprit

A meditation practice is a great way to examine our inner worlds and energies. I know that when I have meditation on a regular basis I am better able to be present mentally and physically. A set spiritual practice is also one to consider. Ones spiritual practice is their own so I’m not going to tell you what you should do in that arena. I will suggest though that if you do not have a spiritual practice that you need to look into that part of your life. Set yourself up a meditation space, an alter if that is your jive, a prayer space to commune with spirit in the way that feels right to you. Whatever it may be that speaks to your soul is wonderful. Put aside a few moments everyday and do what sings to your soul.

These practices will bring you into tune with your soul, your spiritual guides and the universe. Bringing you to a more grounded and self aware state. This will help your tarot reading and studies immensely.

In the end we all need to believe in ourselves. Tarot is meant for everyone, even you. Allowing limitations to keep us in a box is not the way to live our lives. Each individual is meant to live and shine. So go out and shine you Star Monkeys!

Much love


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