The Magician: I See Hope Series



Today we move on to the Magician in they blog series. I absolutely love the magician. He causes a thrill in my soul and I never fail to feel a sense of power from this card. A “I CAN DO THIS!” mental shift comes to me when I explore the themes of the magician.
I could on and on but we are here to talk about the theme of hope in this particular blog post. Hope is a big thing in my life. I have always been a hopeful person. I’ll confess that one of the reasons this blog series is here is because I have had to nourish my hope and help it grow again. I an Hopeful ( 😉 ) that in sharing these blogs will help you find renewed hope in your life.

Eternal energy, allowing us to continually create

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the magician is energy. Kinetic, flowing, moving energy. An energy that will push us and guide us to a finished product. This creative power is there and ready to burst from us and we have the ability to channel it.
How does this translate to hope? Have you ever felt stagnant, cemented in place, like you can’t give anymore, writers block anyone? The magician archetype gives us hope because it reminds us of the infinite and eternal amount son energy there is in the universe. There are times we may forget that. I know there are times when I have become disconnected from that universal energy and man did that make me feel like a sack of potatoes. LOL.
If you are feeling this way, remember the Magician has adept abilities of channeling the energy he needs to create. You can do this to. Seek out your personal source of power, no matter what it is, and use it to motivate and create what your soul is screaming out to birth into the world.

Power Within You to Cause Purposeful Change

Purposeful change: the ability to expend energy and see a specific outcome 

In this section I am not talking about creating a physical item or a creative artistic venture. I am talking about change within our selves.

The fact that we have the ability to cause internal change was mind blowing to me when I first about it. I was like…WHAT THE FUCK…I can actually change the way I see the world and how I think? Yes we can! We absolutely can. The way I grew up caused a lot of trauma and learned/enforced behaviour and thought patterns. As a result in my young adult years I was very quiet and unsure of myself. I had huge problems speaking in groups larger then two. Express my opinion? Yeah, no. I lived in a world of fear, anxiety and people pleasing. I am naturally a very opinionated and quietly confident person. I grew up repressing that part of myself and it killed my spirit.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want you all to know that you have the power to change your life. You can change your thought patterns and childhood programming. It is 100% possible to build and make a life that is yours and not someone else’s. We all grew up and have programming from our our younger years, that does not mean we have to allow that programming to control ur lives when we are adults.

The magician shows us our personal seat of power and potential. He is focused and in control of what he is doing. He has his own sphere of power that he is in touch with and it is no one else’s but his own. He has learnt to work with it and control it. He knows when to expend/release/and let out his energies and when to hold on to/bring back/ and mold his energies internally.

So to can we. We have a powerful birthright, yes birthright, that allows us to institute change. it is called Free Will or if you rather just Will. I will it. I am. Because I say it is so. These are formidable statements. It is within you to use this birthright to direct your life along the path you want. If you want to reduce the effect generational negativity has on you, learn, study and apply it. Do you want to start feeling more confident in your abilities? Practice them, do them, study them…And you will see that your efforts of personal will have caused change.

Cycles of the Seasons

We may have a birthright of power but we also have to accept that we can’t change everything just cause we want to. We must go through cycles of growth and release then death. The Magician remembers this through the tools of his trade. He has his Pentacles, Cups, Wands and swords, Each these represent an element and a season. He knows how to use them and with his knowledge has the timing of his efforts in mind as well.

We to must keep timing in mind. Acknowledging that we live through cycles and that life is a circle of events, birth, growth, life and death will help us to be more at ease within this sphere of existence. Hope will come when we surrender to the fact that not everything is within our control. This is coming from a control freak! Complete and full on Aries over here. 😛

The magician does not always succeed in his plans. His seeds of energy do not always grow as he sets out and there are times when his projects will explode in his face. The magician is a scientist, a chemist and explorer and experimenter. He is always hopeful that his efforts will turn out the way he envisions but does not get depressed when they do not. He sees every opps, “failure” and busted experiment as a learning experience. He does not wail and nash his teeth because it did not happen right now…OK maybe he does but that would be his shadow side showing through. LOL. We can talk about shadows an other time. 😉

Breathe and let it be. Growth will occur or it will not. Put in all your know how and give your efforts to your projects. Keep a thermometer in your beaker and it will tell you when your energies are being used well or when it is time to say goodbye to the whole experiment/project. Allowing something to die and releasing the efforts of a non viable course of action will free you up to other possibilities.

So go forth and be hopeful my Start Monkeys!! Let the Magician Archetype inspire you. I know he inspires me.

Much love to you all!


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