iWondersisters Interview!!


I am so so pleased to have interviewed these lovely ladies. They are such a beautiful light in my social media feeds. ๐Ÿ˜€ Both these ladies are kind and super sweet. I hope you will be able to get to know them a little through this interview. ๐Ÿ˜€


Question 1: You call each other Soul Sisters Im curiousโ€ฆ How long have you two known each other?

Kimm was having a very difficult life experience. She had depleted her savings and had a terrible experience with a slum lord who gladly took her rent for a flee infested house. She came to live with me and my then roommate Christmas of 2012. But honestly we both feel that we have known each other forever!

Question 2: ย Can you tell us how you two met?

We actually met when my roommate Emily, was giving a class at the Hookah Lounge where Kimm was bartendering and acting as events planner. That was our introduction, though I don’t think Kimm remembers that well. lol. So our introduction when she came to live with us, was pretty fresh for her.
Question 3: The word Wonder is very important to you. Can you tell us what it means to you and why it is so dear to you?

We talk about this on our website. “Wonder” is a verb and a noun. To wonder is to ask questions, to be curious about the world around you. Both Kimm and I have a great love of curiosity and questioning existing norms. It is this asking questions, that cuts through all the BS and gets you to the truth.
“Wonder” the noun is particularly dear to us. The wonder in Nature and Gaia herself, the wonder of the night sky – something we are forever amazed by – the wonder of our love of life and our animals, and the wonder simply at the women we are each becoming. The wonder of our Sisterhood! That I think is most wondrous!
Question 4: On your website you have Weekly Reading posted, Who does the readings or is that something you share?

Kimm does the Monday thru Friday reading and I do the weekend reading. We are having a lot of fun and getting much joy out of these readings and each of us is learning so much and honing our intuitive skills
Question 5: Andie, You where once an actor and singer, What drew you towards the spiritual path?

I started reading books on Zen Buddhism when I was still in High School. I suppose that was the genesis for me. And I think the fact that I always questioned the nature of human existence made it the obvious route for me. I had the pressing feeling as a kid, that nothing was real, and it was troubling to me. Turns out I was right! Walking a spiritual path made the only sense.

Question 6: Andie, You spent some time in the UK. Can you tell us a little about your experiences while training under Matthew Manning, Martin Brofman, and Betty Balcombe? What stands out the most for you?

I also trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers where I learned so muc working with other healers. Betty Balcombe was the first person to tell me I was a healer. I took the news with a certain trepidation, but my studies with her dispelled any fears I had. And Betty is a great teacher.
Matthew Manning is somewhat of a healing icon in the UK especially. I did 2 workshops with him and learned so much about my own purpose in this life. He is, in many ways, quite scientific in his approach to the process of healing, and I found that addition to my knowledge very comforting to me. It made me less fearful of all the intense energy coming through me and out my hands.
Martin was very interesting, having learned healing after he was diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently healing himself. The workshop I did with him was quite intense and tiring, but I had some wonderful interactions with other healers, and as a result, began to feel more comfortable with my gift.

Question 7: Kimm, You once worked in the corporate field, you call your self an escapee, What lead you to leave that world? What drew you towards the spiritual path?

Pretty much the answer to both is the same thing. I felt dead inside, hopeless, numb. The corporate world killed my creativity. I realized that I had not written or done anything artistic at all in years. And because of that my spirit felt empty and so I began to seek. That was the beginning of my studying of a whole bunch of forms of spirituality. That led me to realize that a “good job and money” was never going to be enough to fulfill me. And so I began finding ways to connect with my spirit.

Question 8: Kimm, On the iwondersisterhood site you say you love and are challenged by Change. Can you tell us a little about why you are so connected to this concept that is part of everyones life?

Honestly, I truly believe that I came into the world that way. I say this because I never remember having to adjust to changes. I just did. From as young as I can remember I craved newness, something new to learn. My mother was definitely a positive affect on me when it came to change because she never feared it. She always made it seem normal, like no big deal.

Question 9: Can you tell us about your coaching and tarot services? What are some special tidbits that people should know?

I believe that the most important thing people should know is that we work with the tarot both through knowledge, our own continuous learning, and our intuition. We use the tarot/oracle as a tool to guide, to lead us, to act as a mirror for us or a querent, as a tool to show us what is actually going on right now. We do not foretell the future, we don’t believe that there is such a thing. The future is ever changing, because we are forever making decisions, by the minute. We use the tarot as a tool for counseling, for getting to the nitty gritty as they say, to bring up thoughts, questions, ideas that you may not have been aware of before consulting the cards.

Question 10: Lastly, Can you tell us all what you guys got cooking? What will iwondersisterhood look like in the future?

We see ourselves working with clients outside of our own area via email, phone, Skype. Because of the Internet our reach will have no limits. We envision ourselves mainly working with women who are going through serious transformation. Women who are ready for us. Ready for us to guide them and work with them in an honest and straightforward manor. Also, we plan to be traveling throughout the States to hold change and transformation workshops along with Radical Self-Acceptance workshops because we believe that radical self acceptance is one of the major keys to be able to move through serious change without losing your sanity or your Self.

We can be reached for consultation and energy healing sessions through our website iwondersisterhood.com We also accept DM’s on Instagram for people seeking one question readings and we will choose a day for those freebies very soon! On IG we are iWonderSisters. You can also purchase a reading on our new Etsy Store for $5 through September 2016. For all energy healing questions and scheduling please email iwondersisterhood@gmail.com, subject line “For Andie”


Thank you Andie and Kimm for your time and energies. It was an honour to interview you.

Much love to all who read this,




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