An Interview With The Lovely…..

Carrie Mallon!! I’m sure a lot of you know who she is. For those of you who don’t, The first question will introduce you to her. She is a strong and intelligent force in the Tarot Community. A true tarot maven. Without further ado…please enjoy this short interview with Carrie. 😀 


1) It is so wonderful to have you here on my blog. Thank you for this opportunity. Can you tell my readers a little about yourself? 

Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Bree! My name is Carrie and I’m an intuitive mentor, writer and tarot practitioner. I’m particularly fascinated by the intersection of tarot and self-discovery. You can find me on my website ( and I’m also active on Instagram (@carriemallon).

2) What started you on the path of tarot reading? What was it about tarot that grabbed your interest and held it? 

I was drawn to tarot when I was in a serious creative drought. I reached this point where I’d done all the things I was “supposed” to do in life. I went to university, I got a job, I had my own apartment…but my life felt pretty devoid of meaning. I wanted to write, I wanted to do all these creative things, but I just wasn’t doing them. I was in a cycle of self-sabotage and apathy.

Working with tarot helped me piece together what was going on in my psyche. It gave me a new perspective and provided a mirror. I found myself slowly becoming unstuck, finding new sources of inspiration and expansion. It felt absolutely revolutionary, and I wanted to bring that magic to others – and so eventually, I decided to become a tarot professional.

3) You have written blogs about facing ones fears. What is some advice you have for those who are working through fear and blockages to their potential? 

This is such a great question! Working through fears is a focus area for many of my clients (and myself). Of course, it really depends on the situation – there are a lot of different ideas I have about working through fears, and I try to tailor them based on what seems useful for an individual. That said, I’ll share some general advice.

First, the fear is usually deeper than we think it is. If we want to work through a fear, it helps to get a clear understanding of that fear, and this can be a painful and vulnerable process. We must be willing to lovingly dive deep within ourselves. Free writing or journaling are often powerful starting off points– without any filter, just allow yourself to ramble about anything that comes to your mind. It’s amazing what you can unearth just through this process.

Tarot is great for working through fears, as well. Here’s a simple spread that might be useful for someone working through fears and blocks. Card one: what am I afraid of? Card two: how can I begin to address this fear? Card three: what strengths can I draw upon?
The last piece of advice I’ll share here would be to consider working with a trusted mentor, counsellor, or tarot reader. The right mentor can give you individually tailored support as you navigate this process.

4) I have enjoyed your blog series on the wild unknown. It was full of great information and insights. What inspired you to to blog through the whole deck? 

I had an immediate connection with this deck in such a strong way. It felt like my “soulmate” deck, I resonated with it so intensely! I knew I wanted to journal through the deck on my own, and I thought perhaps my insights would be interesting to other people, so I began posting them to my blog. The reaction has been awesome! A lot of people have discovered me and my work through that series, and I really enjoyed creating it.

5) Earlier this year you did a series on your blog about business development called Pondering Pentacles. I found it greatly inspiring, Can you tell everyone one else about what Pondering Pentacles is about? 

Thank you! During April, I focused all my content on business with a particular focus on how running a business can be a soulful process in which you learn a lot about yourself. The title In tarot, the suit of Pentacles is traditionally associated with the material realm of work, finances and business. Hence the name of the series, Pondering Pentacles. All of the posts in that series can be found here: Pondering Pentacles Series 

5) Some of your services offer mentoring. What was it about mentoring that drew you in and why did you start offering this service? 

Mentoring is actually my favorite part of my business! I also enjoy offering single session tarot reading sessions, but I always knew I wanted to work with people on a deeper level. Much of our human issues are incredibly complex. A one-off tarot reading can certainly give some clarity, but we often crave something deeper. The Growth Gatherings mentorship that I offer takes place over six weeks. It really gives myself and the client an opportunity to explore their situation in-depth. It’s an expansive experience, offering more space for inspiration and aha moments.

7) If someone was to book a reading with you what can they expect while working with you? 

My readings are offered with two intentions: to point you towards your own inner knowing and to offer concrete guidance. There’s definitely a spiritual tone to my work, but I’m also interested in traditional psychological methods. When you work with me, you can expect an experience that walks the line between the magical realm and the real world. My hope is that each client walks away feeling inspired and confident in their ability to chart a course forward.

8) Last question! Is there any thing you can tell us about the future for Carrie Mallon and your Brand? 
Yes! I am currently working on a website redesign. I don’t have an exact date yet, but a new site should be launching in the near (ish) future. I’m also planning to expand my mentoring options to include single sessions and custom tailored packages. I also have a few ideas for e-courses and books floating around and I’m excited to bring those into reality one of these days!

Thanks again Carrie for your time! It was a pleasure. 

I hope you all will visit her and see all she has to offer. Many blessings to each of you! 



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