Hope in the Tarot: The High Priestess


The High Priestess is most definitely a figure of hope. She is a powerful PsychoSpiritual guide. She gives us the hope that we can heal from our unseen wounds. We can in fact heal from our traumas and she teaches us how. She encourages us to look within with open eyes. She directs us to feel our emotion-scape with kind, receptive hearts. She guides us to research our inner worlds with a focused and open mind. This archetype is an example to us of a master shadow worker. Path working with this Lady will help us to find our way in our own shadows. We will be lead to solutions and recovery for our unseen wounds.

Personal Power: She teaches us as women that we have a incredible light within that should be allowed to shine. We as women identifying individuals have been pushed aside and told we are the “weaker sex” for a very long time. This archetype says “Screw that”. When the HP shows up she is telling us to grab our power and rise. She tells a tale of hope that we are not as helpless as we may feel. We do not have to stay “broken” or “wounded”. No we do not have to live that way. We can find personal healing through embracing the fact that we are a powerful Starseed. When we begin to live like we are powerful, we will feel powerful and see the change in our lives.

Divine feminine: The High Priestess speaks to both Male and Female identifying people. She is there to tell us that intuitive and psychic power is not just for individuals with vaginas, it is for all of humanity. Male identifying individuals can also tap into their “feminine powers” and be just as mentally plugged into the divine and spiritual. Masculine and Feminine power is all energy, it is not discerning in who it works with. those who have been affected by societies view of what a “male” should be…then connecting with some healing femininity may be the balm for the wounds you carry. The High Priestess says it is ok to be sensitive and caring as a man even when the world at large is telling you it is not.

This Archetype is a wonderfully confident figure, it is one we should all embrace and do some healing work with. Spread the High Priestess energy, I know I am going to try to do just that.


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