Raising a Feminist.



Hello Loves! Today I am excited to have a guest blogger here. She is my soul sister Jess Johnson. She is an intuitive tarot reader and warrior mamma. She is also a passionate feminist. She has three lovely children she is raising with her husband. Her role as mother prompted this blog she chose to write. I think her words are strong and true. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration from her thoughts. 


If it’s one thing that these recent American election results have made clear for me, it’s that the time for feminism isn’t over, its just beginning. When I woke up on the morning of November 9, 2016, I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear the outcome as I had gone to bed the previous night aware that the trend was heading in Trump’s direction. What I was surprised by was the visceral reaction I experienced when my husband told me the news upon walking into the kitchen. I literally stopped dead in my tracks and choked back a throaty noise that I can only describe as the sound that one makes when they are about to gag. All morning I felt sick to my stomach, and I couldn’t eat for about 4 hours.

One of the first thoughts that occurred to me was that anyone who wasn’t a white, middle-class or higher income male was in serious danger of having their lives affected in a negative way over the next four years, at least. Women, minorities, and religions outside the acceptable Christian faith are now suddenly under attack by the citizens that believe in the message that Trump preaches. I read several articles that showed people’s social media posts and videos, and less than 24 hours after the United States of America confirmed Donald Trump as the President-Elect, women were already being threatened at gunpoint, sexually harassed, minorities were having their property vandalized, or were physically attacking Trump supporters, and all sorts of other horrific, inhumane, and frightening scenarios were happening.

It is a scary time to be the mother of three kids, two of them daughters. This is not the kind of world I want them to grow up in, with hate, discrimination, anger, and violence around every corner, just because you don’t conform to the ideals of a race, a lifestyle, or a faith. But I don’t own a time machine to transport my family safely away, so my only option is to stay here and deal with the hand that I’ve been dealt. My favourite weapon against tyranny and hate and violence? Education. It’s a known fact that people fear what they don’t understand; educating my children about other religions, about the plight our poor mother earth is in, about the fact that love doesn’t recognize gender, color, or anything superficial – that is my game plan.

But it doesn’t stop with my own children, oh no! I know that money talks, and while we aren’t rich, we have enough to be pretty comfortable, and enough to donate to charities from time to time as well. While my usual ones like Doctors Without Borders will still get it’s annual donation in my father’s name this Christmas, I am also going to be contributing towards charities that help girls in developing countries pay for school, medical care, and things like that. The more that the girls of this world are educated, the stronger they will become. And those strong women may choose to have children of their own, and pass down their knowledge to their children, and so forth. My plan, in short, is to not just BE a feminist, but to RAISE feminists. Here, in my own home, and my own community, but also in countries around the world that are in desperate need of the women to pry the steely grip of the patriarchy off of them.

It starts small. Like when my toddler fell on the playground today and was crying over the fact that she had wet wood chips stuck to her hands. I didn’t rush over and brush her hands off for her, but showed her how to brush them off herself and wipe them on her pants, and then urged her to go back to playing. When my son gets angry that his little sister is smashing his block towers and he pushes her, I discipline him for lashing out physically, not for “hitting a girl.” The fact that she is a girl shouldn’t matter, it should never be acceptable to be violent towards another person. And when my preteen wants to take the easy way out putting dishes away by getting her tall father to put away all the out-of-reach things for her, I tell her that she will not always have access to a taller person, so she needs to find a safe way to solve the problem herself, and then I smile proudly when she goes and gets a chair. And then, the actions grow in seriousness and maturity as my children mature. What I discuss with my nearly-12 year old is much more serious than what I discuss with my 6 year old, and so on. But the message behind the education remains the same: coexist.

Who you pray to doesn’t matter. What color your skin is doesn’t matter. Which gender you are doesn’t matter. At least, it shouldn’t. I encourage you, as adults, as parents, as whatever labels and categories you identify with outside of human, to teach the same message. Confront people who demonstrate an intolerance of anything that isn’t peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the diversity and uniqueness that is our species and planet. I truly hope to see appreciation of our diverse population and it’s celebrations of beauty, faith, and love in my lifetime, but that will only happen if we work together, and never accept anything less than that ideal.


Written by Jess Johnson


Thank you so much for your beautiful and heart felt words Jess. I can not agree more! Lets all do what we can to raise feminists and encourage love and acceptance in the world. 

Blessings to all who read this. 



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