Keep that forward movement Baby!

img_2919Life can be a bitch right? There are times when life throws a shit ton of crap at you and you start to scream internally…..

“WHY ME!!??”

“Seriously…Life…What the hell?”

or my favourite…


Being in this human form can be really intense. The 5 of Pentacles is a great card for this very subject. In the typical 5 or pentacles tarot card we see bedraggled and poor individuals slugging through hard terrain. We feel the depression and hardship in this card sharply. We go through a kaleidoscope of feelings when going through tough time. Anger, sadness, frustration, rage, venom and disgust. I see all this in the 5 of pents because I have know a lot of crazy tough times. I remember all the feelings I used to have and still have when faced with difficult stuff that is thrust upon me.

I know I am not alone in this. Stress factors abound and we never get away from them. We are not meant to really. Life gives us difficult situations so we learn and can stretch our souls into a new beautiful shape. We can become more then we ever thought if we take that pressure we feel when stressed and use it positively.

The shape of our souls is up to us.

The Chariot card comes in to play here and brings its amazing personal power message to us. When faced with stuff that is less then enjoyable in life, We can remember the Chariot and how it speaks to our free will. Even in the darkest times of our life, we still have free will and choice My Dears. We choose the direction our minds and thoughts go when confronted with trials. We choose our reactions and actions when faced with difficulty.

The Chariot can bee seen as our life and us the Charioteer. The Chariot does not drive itself, We hold the reins. We choose what direction our life is going. Sometimes those choices are extremely difficult like, Staying in a job you loathe because it pays the bills right now. That is a hard situation to be in…but what the Chariot whispers to us is that we do not have to stay there forever, we can work behind the scenes to transition out of that situation. Saving money and expanding your talents and soul in other areas so that you don’t go completely mad in in the mean time. LOL.

I’d like to mention that in the times we have that are peaceful and plentiful…we can still feel lost and with out direction. When this comes up, a reminder of our personal power and choice is good for us. Are you feeling stuck some how? Stagnant energy surrounding you? Meditating on the Chariots energy of forward movement may be a good place to start. Then actively begin doing little things to change your perspective and direction of life you have at present.

This is a hard won lesson for me…But it was worth learning. I hope these few words of encouragement help you on your journey.

Much love,



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