My Red Tent Experience.


Recently I had the pleasure and honour of attending a Red Tent gathering. This particular Red Tent is hosted/run by by my close friend Jess and an other lovely lady named Askani. She was the one who was inspired to start it up in my area. I had never heard of Red Tents before this and when she mentioned it I was intrigued.

At this point you might be wondering what the hey is a Red Tent. LOL. I’ll give you a brief description. This description is pulled from the Facebook Group the Red Tent of Fraser Valley. You can find it here—-> Fraser Valley Red Tent

“A safe and sacred space for women and persons who identify as women to come together in the community, to meditate and transcend, to empower ourselves and each other, and to pass on our stories, myths, traditions, and knowledge to the next generation of wild women.

The Red Tent is a once-monthly gathering of women of all ages, religions, races, sexualities, and walks of life. It is a place of nurturing and healing. Of talking and sharing. Of coming home to a place where we can just be at ease and welcome in our sisterhood of supportive and caring wild women.

The Red Tent Temple Movement started with Anita Diamant’s novel “The Red Tent”. It sparked a desire for modern day women to gather together like the indigenous tribes throughout history, to bleed together and retreat from the world. Modern day Red Tents welcome all women, pre-menarche girls and post-menopausal crones. You do not have to bleed to be in the Red Tent. We embrace all our sisters, and encourage the sharing of wisdom between girls and women of all ages.”

I admit I have not read Anita Diamant’s novel yet…But it is on my “to read” list. I love the whole concept of the Red Tent. Women have been pushed down, separated, cast against each other and more since patriarchy took hold of our society. In Red Tent we as women can come together and support each other, lift up and back up our sisters.

It took me a while before I could get to one of these gatherings. Life is a tantruming toddler at times. Once I was able to tame the beast, I got myself to the next scheduled Red Tent. It just so happened to be a night where Jess had planned a ritual of release and healing. She based her ritual on what she had read in the book Journey to the Dark Goddess, Written by Jane Meredith.

Let me tell you…It was amazing. I mean look at this face…How can a ritual not be amazing when the one facilitating it looks like this. LOL.


We had a few moments of quite meditation and reflection before we were introduced to the spiral we would be walking. Jess stood in the middle of the spiral and acted the part of the Dark Goddess. She was brilliant. Each person present walked the spiral individually. We spoke to the Goddess and laid our offerings at her feet. This offering was one of sacrifice. It was our choice what we gave to the Goddess, The idea behind this though was one of release and letting go…so it was encouraged that our offering be of this vein.


I was an emotional wreck even before the ritual began. I definitely had some stuff that needed to be let go and that night was the night. As I walked that spiral I thought I had in my mind what I was going to say and offer. Joke was on me. The closer I got the middle I felt the crap fall away. The lies we tell ourselves and false realities we hold onto, they where stripped away. Ego and anger at what was not where laid at the goddess feet.

It was healing, cathartic and spirit expanding. It felt like the 8 of Cups in the tarot. A moment of walking away from the shit and baggage and not giving it anymore energy. I walked out of that spiral and sat. I was teary as I observed the other women who walked their personal journey that night. It was inspiring and beautiful. Each soul in attendance was brave and bright.

It is now a week later and I still feel light. I have also felt the healing of that night in other ways. I am finding room within for growth, I am feeling little sprouts pop up that increase the capacity of my spirit. I am grateful to the Goddess for her blessings. 

May you all be blessed!

If you would like to learn more about the Red Tent Temple check out these links…

If you live in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia, Canada…Please join us in our Facebook group!


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