The Inspirational Meme Spread.

Hello, Star Moneys! 

I’m sure you all are familiar with scrolling through social media and running across meme’s like…

They are cute, sometimes funny and give us a small hit of positivity we all need during the day. A lot of motivational speakers and heart centered people use Meme’s to spread their message. They can inspire and create a mind shift in us, even if it is very small. They have a place in our society now and I am thankful for the positivity that sprinkles the craziness we see online.

That is why I have created this tarot spread. Why not get a Meme like message just for us? A download from our heart to our brains. Below is the lay out and description of the placements.


Here is a picture of the cards I pulled for myself, 


It was a powerful reading and I appreciate what spirit told me. I love how when we connect to our spirit, ancestors or higher self we can see so much. I encourage you all to open your hearts and minds to what the Universe has to tell you. 

I hope you have fun with this spread! 

And just like with Memes on Social media…Like and Share! lol.


Much Love!





















2 thoughts on “The Inspirational Meme Spread.

  1. Yari Garcia says:

    Ooo I love this idea! It’s always awesome to me when the modern weaves its way into the Tarot and spiritual practices ^.^ It’s like, my favorite 🙂 I’m going to try this today, thanks for sharing!
    ~*Moody Thursday*~


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