Introducing Nym’s Cartoscopes!

I am so excited about these everyone! First of all…What the heck is a Cartoscope right? I’ll tell you. 

A Cartoscope is like a Horoscope or a Tarotscope. I use the Tarot or an Oracle deck to bring each astrological sign a personal message. These are short and sweet, quick and dirty…how ever you wanna look at it. 😉 

I will be doing each month and have them posted to my YouTube Channel. I will also post a blog update of you all and embed the link to the playlist here for you. 

A tip on how to use the video playlist below..

Look up in the left top corner of the video image below, you will see an icon that you can click…this will allow you to shuffle through the playlist to your personal astrological sign’s reading. I hope that clears up any question as to wether you’d have to sit and listen to the entire playlist. No you don’t, just click that little icon in the top left corner and you will see the list and be able to click your video. 😀

I hope you enjoy these! Please feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Much love, 



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