Thoughts About Connecting With Our Family Spirit.

Some of us, like me, Have a hard time connecting to family. Drama, abuse, apathy and selfishness have caused a lot of problems in my family. I have learnt though that my family who are in spirit form are there to see me through and support me.


These members of my family who have passed on have lived, breathed and experienced the transition of death. They have wisdom that I do not. They have shed the mortal skin and left behind the worldly shit. This is a comfort to me because I know I can call on the generations to teach me and lend me a hand when I need it. They pass on their collective knowledge when I seek it. This light, this wisdom, is truly a legacy. It adds to the expansion and fabric of the family spirit. We are all seekers here, digging for instruction and direction.

If you have a family like mine, one that lacks cohesion here on earth, You have the power to add to the family spirit’s healing. We can work with our ancestors to heal our own minds, souls and hearts. In doing this we heal a piece of the family spirit and contribute to the health of our families future. We may not be able to do a lot for our mortal family who where born before us, but we sure can do a lot for the ones who are past and our direct descendants. We can form relationships with them and make the family bonds strong for when we eventually transition through death.

This is where we can have the perfect life. Seeking the knowledge we need to be who we are and what we are without apology. To heal ourselves, with our ancestors help, and create peace within our souls. Embracing the roots our ancestors have already put out and creating our own.

I imagine my family’s soul fabric is like the root system of a forest of trees. They stretch out and mesh together in a tangle. A beautiful tangle of growth, support and lending energy. I want to do my best to add to that root system and give what I can to strengthen the family’s spirit.

What are your thoughts on generational connections and family spirits?

What do you imagine your family’s spirit looks like?

Much love, 



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