How Meditation has caused a change in my life.

Meditation…Such a good friend of mine! Guys let me tell you, meditation has been a game changer for me. I am a true Aries with Leo rising…I’m pretty fiery and go go go. I tend to over do things and spin my wheels in large degrees. My fire can get out of control in many different aspects of my life.

Emotionally I am easily combustable. Anger and Anxiety are intimate friends of mine. Over the past 5 years I have working on keeping these buddies of mine tamed. Anybody who deals with the same is probably nodding their head right now in commiseration. I use to be very volatile. Many simple things would push me over the edge into outright rages. Any small threat to my security would throw me into full blown panic mode. It was not a peaceful or pleasant way to live. I eventually came to a point where I was so tired of all this explosive energy I knew something had to give.

I’ve known about meditation since I was young. I never practiced it until a few years ago. I always thought,

“No I can deal with out wasting that time on just sitting there.”

That point where I knew something had to change was what tipped me into giving it a try. Really activity giving it a chance to work. I went through many frustrating meditation sessions. I tried many techniques. Guided meditations did not work for me. They caused my anxiety to sky rocket because I would lose place due to wandering thoughts. Sitting and clearing my mind had the same results. I learnt I needed to go with my personality type and do a meditation that was more “active”.

The form of meditation that I love is chanting and repeating mantras. If I am doing meditation during ritual I will sit at my alter, incense going and candles lit. If it is a normal day or busy activity then I will use my bed and lay comfortably. I use my mantra beads or mala to count how many times I’ve recited the mantra. This gives me something tactile to do while concentrating on the mantra and my breath. The beads also give me a prompt to breathe before and after I say each mantra. This helps to keep my breath work steady. I am one who very easily forgets to breathe. Forgetting ones breath is a huge exacerbator of anxiety and anger…so breath work is very important to me.


It has been a struggle and a challenge incorporating meditation practice into my life. Everything from scheduling to pride have gotten in the way. I’ve had to fight to give this peaceful calming influence a good go. It has been worth the effort. I am no pro, but I like t think I have some good handle on what works for me. I have found that during the daily grind I find myself remembering meditation and fall into meditative breath when feeling stressed.

If you are having a difficult time I wold like to suggest meditation. It has made a huge difference in my life. I am certain it will in yours as well.

Can you imagine if every meditated and chanted OM…Holy crap world peace would be possible! LOL!

Below I offer some mantras for each chakra. I have used some of these myself and found them very effective for me personally. Let me know if you give them a try by commenting below, I’d love to hear from you.





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