Access Your Joy Connection.

I believe we are all souls wandering blindly just trying to find our way forward.

The endgame of this existence?


Seizing Your Power Spread-31

Find Your Joy! 

No not happiness. Happiness requires a specific thing/environment/situation to create it. Joy does not need a certain set of circumstances to exist.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I was never taught joy as a child so this is a skill I have had to learn. Constant focus on what we did not have and how life was a burden is what we were taught. My Mother was always on the hunt for the next quick buck. My Father, he found his diversion in a bottle. I don’t believe either of my parents truly know what happiness or joy is. They carry a lot of anger and sadness within themselves.

It has been a huge struggle to really process what joy is as a result of that environment. To be honest…there are days I still question I if I know what it is.

Joy is a fleeting feeling in our worlds…it is meant to be that way. The belief that joy should be a constant and permanent fixture in our lives is huge misconception that needs to be remedied.

Joy is like the Sun. It comes and goes. It is bright and blinding one day and less so the next. It is There but we do not feel its full effects at all times. I think that if we where to feel joy as a constant we would burn out. I personally see joy as an energy we tap into through our hearts and souls.

So where does joy come from? Or rather, how can we access the energy that is joy?

Gratitude is the key.

Those moments when I have felt true joy are always connected to gratitude. Expressing thankfulness is where we plug into that part of ourselves that is connected to joy energy. When we say thank you, give a smile of appreciation to others we are not only access our joy, we are spreading it. When we can sit down to our personal style of prayer and be truly grateful for our lives and what we have been blessed with, that is accessing the joy plug. Joy can be connected to in small flash like moments as well. For me this happens when I am walking in a natural environment and I absorb the beauty around me. For me, that is joy at its fullest.

Joy is an energy frequency, we just have to discover the right plug to tap it. Each persons connection will be unique to them.

When you are having one of those days where the sun is shining and everything is going right…but its still a shitty day….Plug into joy. Sit your butt down and tell yourself at least 5 things in your life that are amazing. Then go deeper, name five things THAT DAY that are great and good.

I promise you will feel a shift in your thinking. It will painful in the beginning, your rewiring your brain after all, but that pain will subside. You will begin to find it easier to do this exercise as you practice it and implement it consistently.

I am still perfecting the art of Joy…but I think that will be a life long lesson. I spent the first years of my self discovery journey learning that I was lacking this skill and learning how to harness it. Experience has been a hard teacher but an effective one. The lessons I have had to sit with in regards to my way of thinking about the world shattered me and then built be up. It has taught me how to be grateful. It has taught me how to access joy.

I am now at a point where I can identify when I am not embracing Joy. I am able to see where some of my triggers are, those words, actions or environments that pull me into a thankless state of body and mind. I am so grateful for this growth.

May you be blessed with gratitude, 



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