The Power of I Am.

Welcome to the first annual International Tarot Day Blog Hop!

The card that I was assigned is the Magician. I absolutely adore the Magician for many reasons. To my mind he is such a character of strength, creativity, personal power, confidence and passion.

The words that describe this dynamic archetype are I Am. The statement I AM is the most powerful in the human language. I consider them the most beautiful.

I Am is a vocalization of our belief in ourselves. The confidence we have within. How does this thought make you feel? Excited? Apprehensive?

It used to scare the hell out of me to be honest. I grew up being torn down and these words sought to heal that. For a long time I ran away from this wonderful energy…but I no longer do. I embrace it and am learning so much about myself in the process.

Do you want to feel like a more confident individual? Do you want to manifest more positive change in your life?

You can. We all are able to access that magician within.

Here is an exercise to help you connect with your inner magician.


Take a mirror and place yourself somewhere comfortable. Or just stand in front of a convenient mirror.

Look at yourself. Look at all your uniqueness. Greet your soul by looking into your eyes and seeing what is within.

Speak the words I AM. Say them to yourself and absorb the energy inherent in those words.

If you like you can add to the statement and create some manifestation magic. You can say things like…

I am creative.

I am healing.

I am loved.

I am confident.

Once you do this, examine how you feel. Has this brought you focus? Self compassion?

This exercise is meant to build you up, not tear down. If you feel torn down in anyway, reevaluate the statement you chose to use, or just step back to I AM. You can build up to more in the future.

I was inspired to write a bit of prose to go wth this blog. I hope you will enjoy it and may it bring you a small piece of inspiration.

I speak.

I am,

Birthing reality.

I face darkness.

I am,

Healing scars. Blood releases the pain.

I seek outcomes.

I am,

The master student. Confident yet questioning.

I am built of tinder.

I am,

a flash of ignition that brings passionate action.

I am.

I am.

I am.


May you all blessed!



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