October 2017 Cartoscopes!


Hello Dear Readers! 

I am pleased to give you October’s Cartoscopes. 😀 As with all my Cartoscopes, these are meant to be quick and sweet. My mode of operation is the same with these as with all my readings. I meditate and ask my guides to connect with me so that I may give you what spirit wants you to recieve as a message. 

I hope these little gems of inspiration with help you along your paths for October. May it be a blessed month for you all. 

Much love, 


PS: For those of you who may want to know…The deck I used it The Wheel othe Year Tarot. It was created by Maria Caratti. 

Aries: Princess Of Wands


Fiery Aries. Opening ones heart to the future is paramount this month Aries. The future is indeed bright. Allow yourself to vanquish your fears over what may be and be your fiery self. The pricks and scratches you may receive are worth the effort of saying “Fuck it…I’m doing it.”

Remember…your an Aries…nothing can keep you caged for long.

Taurus: Queen of Swords


Dear Taurus. Beware of cutting your own throat. In your anger or frustration you may lose your sense of logic and common sense. Keep a cool head in the coming month. Look at everything around you with open eyes, without judgement or preconceived ideas. Allow yourself to see they whole picture not just what you want to see.

In doing this you will not cause yourself or others hurt that could otherwise have been avoided.

Gemini: Ace of Chalices


Beautiful Gemini. We sometimes hold on to our unique ways of feeling and expression because of fear. We hold ourselves in a frozen state and feel protected as a result.

Now is the time to thaw. Allow your heart and mind to warm up to the world around you. Let your protections melt and flow away, releasing the chill you have been clinging to. Your personal perception of the world will look so much brighter and vivid as a result.

Cancer: Princess Of Chalices


Dear Cancer. New and exciting feelings are on the horizon. Allow yourself to be open to the newness that is approaching. Now is the time to connect strongly with your guides and have them close. They will be very instrumental in helping you navigate through the new paths these emerging feelings will take you down. Walk with confidence and grace, you got the skills and backup to do so.

Leo: 9 of Swords


Dear Leo. Anxiety is a bitch…it can feel like it is attaching you from all sides. Leo, you are kick ass and can manage this. The anxiety that can feel overwhelming comes from feeling vulnerable. Embrace that vulnerability. Do not harden yourself to protect your heart. Receive the wisdom that comes from feeling and being alive.

Fire signs are so dynamic, we can flare up and then die down very quickly…so those times we rage forth in confidence can feel amazing…and then in the afterglow…we feel the anxiety and fear. That is where one must be concious of not becoming hardened.

Virgo: 7 of Swords


Stay your course Virgo. There are many things in your life that are going to cause a disturbance in your flow. Make sure you are aware of them and take measures to keep them from taking you down the wrong path. You know where you want to go so keep stepping along the cobbles that will get you there.

Libra: 10 Of Pentacles


You have been working very hard lately Libra. It is time to rest and look at all your efforts and the payouts. There are times when we work extremely hard and see very little…but there is always some pay for our efforts. Look for the good in all the hard work. Look for supportive people to talk to if you find yourself feeling down and out. Friends and family can give a lift to your spirits through love and community.

Scorpio: 5 of Swords


Dearest Scorpio. Aggression is the road to sadness. You will come upon times when you want to rage. This is natural. Your vengeful and angry thoughts will swirl and surround you. This to is natural. The key here is to show some control over those thoughts. Lashing out in heated fury is not going to accomplish anything. Showing some mercy and kindness towards those we are clashing with will help with constructive communication. This communication will help further relations and develop understanding. You will find peace and calm when keeping this in mind.

Sagittarius: 2 of Cups


Beautiful Sagittarius. This month is one to watch for misunderstandings between you and the ones you love. Being open with those closest to you is going to be paramount. Keep your lines of communication open, don’t shut down. Express your love and express your feelings about whatever is concerning you. We all go through times where we want to closet ourselves…but that does not help anything. Direct and naked words are needed to find the support/help or reassurance we desire.

Capricorn: 2 of Wands


Dear Capricorn. Growth comes after following our inspirations. Is there something you have been thinking about lately? Take that seed and plant it. Give it the tending it needs. After a little time you will see it begin to grow. You might find that there will be those around you who may poo poo on your efforts…ignore them. Keep those who support you around and ask for their assistance if needed. You will see the rewards of your energies. Keep pushing.

Aquarius: Princess of Swords


Dear Aquarius. What are you searching for? Are you looking for the facts or just what you want to find? Before you go ahead and proclaim your opinions, be sure of what you are saying. Have both eyes open and a clear mind when confronting the issues at hand. Remember words are weapons. The problem with words though? The damage done with them can’t be truly undone.

Pisces: 9 of Wands


Hard working Pisces! Your time is close at hand! all the effort and patience you have put into your projects/family/friends/employment…are going to come to fruition. It is almost time for the harvest. Know that your guides are with you and supporting you. Keep moving and keep working Pisces…the end is near.


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