Hello Dear Ones,

Recently on social media there was a campaign that went viral. The #metoo was all over the place and it was quite epic in my opinion. Some felt it was amazing, like myself.

Some where triggered by it. For that I feel empathy. It was a trigger for me as well. It was also empowering for me. My love and support to those who felt scared, scarred, possibly threatened by the idea of stating Me Too, on your healing journey.

Some others thought this campaign was started by Alissa Milano. If fact it was not. The Me Too Movement was created by sexual assault survivor Tarana Burke in 2006. It is her years of work that has just come to my attention,and many others, with this recent viral hashtag. I could get into the whole famous white woman tweets and the work of a black woman is finally acknowledged issue…But I will not at this time. Not because I don’t have thoughts about it..I don’t feel equipped to do the subject justice. I hope to be more educated in the future.

I do want to direct you to a great article that will give you Tarana Burke’s history and story..

Washington Post about Tarana Burke

Please read it. She is inspiring on so many levels.

So why am I mentioning it…?

Because this is something that needs to be talked about.

I was one that posted #metoo on my social media. I watched at many of my friends posted this hashtag. It was shocking and not at the same time.

How prevalent this is in our society. How normal.

The normalcy is what is most disturbing. How we take it in stride and go “yup. Just an other day in the life.”

Let us make this less normal. Less accepted by bringing this out into the light. Share your stories. Don’t allow them to fester in the darkness. Share your wounds and allow yourself to heal while you help another purge and heal.

I would like to share with you my story so you know I understand. #metoo

My first memory of being seen as something to be owned and sexualized was when I was in elementary school. It was one of my Dad’s friends. I don’t remember his name, but I remember his face. He would call me wife and invite me into his room(he was staying with us for some reason that I do not know). I do not remember anything physical happening…but I remember his looks.

A few years later, after some incidents between my Mother and Father, my Mother accused me of taking my Father’s affections. It was a dark night of the soul for her I think…but it still caused me to question my worth and self. I look back on that memory and can forgive her because there is a significant piece of information I retained from that encounter. She was reading a book about childhood sexual assault. A few days before this…she had freaked out at my step-Grandma because I had been left alone with my Grandfather…I over heard the discussion. My Mother had been abused by my Grandfather. #HerToo

Then into high school…So many stories from high school! There are to many to list and detail here.

As I graduated from High School I was kicked out of my house because “Your an Adult now…”

I was lost and had no idea what to do. I clung to the first person that showed me any care. His name was Pete. We lived on the streets, he used me and abused me in a multitude of ways. I was raped repeatedly by those around me during my time in that situation.

It was an absolutely horrific time in my life. It lasted 2 years. Maybe not as long as some…but enough to do severe damage. It took me years to heal from that…I continue to heal to this day.

Let us band together and stand up, speak out and #saytheirname , Express #metoo to those who open up about their assaults. Let us make this less “normal” and teach what this really is…an invasion of a persons body, mind and spirit. Let us continue to fight for healing.

I would like to help with the healing in this world. In this vein I have set up an Etsy option for this purpose. It is a charitable reading called the Warriors Cry. This is an empowering reading and I love doing them for people.

Each purchase of this reading will be 100% donated to the Anna Davis Transition Society in Chilliwack, BC. If you would like to know more about this organization please go here..

Anna Davis Transition Society

If you would like to help me contribute to this and do your small part in helping others to heal, please book a reading here..

Warrior’s Cry: Charitable Tarot Reading

I want anyone who is reading this to know…

I am here for you. I am a shoulder to lean your head on and speak to if you need it. Hit me up with a message via my social media if you don’t feel you have anyone else to talk to. I will talk to you. No judgements, just support.

I hope that in some small way I have leant you, Dear Reader, some support and strength by sharing this blog.

May love and healing be with you all,



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