November Cartoscopes!

November Cartoscopes

My lovely Readers welcome to November’s Cartoscopes.

What a lovely October just past…the earth is slowly going to sleep. Do you feel it? I know I do. That feeling of wanting to fold myself inwards and seek my spirit and get to know her after all the sun and energy and growth over the past year. What a journey it has been!

Let us look at the cards, shall we? As always…I pull a card for each sign and present to you the message that comes through. Please find your Sun. Moon and Ascendant signs below and see what the universe has to tell you!

I will be using the gorgeous Sacred Rebels Oracle cards this month. I think they suit the time of year we are in here in the northern hemisphere. 😀

I hope you enjoy each message.

May you all be blessed! 


Aries: What You Want, Wants You.


Dear Aries, Don’t you know yet that manifestation is one of your superpowers? Whether it be positive, negative or somewhere in between…you manifest the shit out life. You might not even know you’re doing it. It is all in the mind and heart. Time to open your eyes and take a look around, you will see what you have caused to come into your life. The proof is there before you. Is it what you expected? is it what you want? Answer those questions, Aries. When you do, you will be able to direct your manifesting superpower as you wish.

Taurus: The Word Wants To Be Written


Words are like stones. When thrown into the waters of our consciousness they cause ripples. They effect change, they cause others to see things in different shades and shapes. Sweet Taurus, You have many words to share. Please share them. You don’t have to write a book and publish it…just share your words in the ways you are comfortable with. Journal, blog, even in 140 character tweets…it does not matter. You have wisdom garnered from experience that could be beneficial for those who read your words.

Gemini: Legacy Of Light


Gemini, Your ancestors are speaking. Do you hear them? They want to share with you their light and wisdom. Even our progeny has pieces of insight to share. The generations are cyclical and connected through spirit, the words of children can be some of the most profound and heart-affecting. When we listen to the family spirit and glean from its collective experience, we will be changed. Are you ready for change Dear Gemini?

Cancer: Bring It Into Form


Our emotions can be quite formless and fly like the wind. This can cause some confusion within ourselves. We can’t quite grasp what may be triggering us…but we feel it sharply. Lovely Cancer, bring it all to the surface. Let your emotions break through and become what they need to be. You will be taken on a journey, probably a difficult one, but you will come to the end. At the end will be what you need to know. This knowledge will strengthen you.

Leo: Softly, Softly, The Tender Touch.


Leo, Be gentle with yourself this month. Tears may flow but they will be healing. Your intuitive powers will bring you to places in your shadow that may be hard to tread. You are a badass Leo so you can handle it. Allow your mind to expand and see where your intuition leads you. Be soft with yourself when you hit walls or information that is hard to process. Don’t force it but don’t run from it either. Gently and lovingly hold space for yourself as you would someone you cared greatly for. This is the most precious kind of self-love.

Virgo: She Feels, She Knows.


Virgo Darling, it is time to stop ignoring the feelings you are being presented with. You know whats what. Don’t doubt yourself by tossing your intelligence to the side. Embrace the fact that your observation and empathic nature are showing you something very important. Address the facts. Stay firm in your stance and opinion. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. You do. Be brave. Be courageous. Be you.

Libra: Sacred Fool.


You are not the puppet Poppet. You are the controller of your own fate. Don’t feel that way right now? Then it is time to strip things bare, get naked with yourself and look at why you feel so powerless. You are not here in this reality to entertain others, you are here to please yourself and do as you damn well want. So be the free loving and spontaneous fool this month Libra. Find your joy, find your daring, find your strings and cut them.

Scorpio: What Do You Feel?


Perspective is everything, isn’t it? We have been given the blessing of free will and decision making. What is it that drives those choices? Is it how we have been trained to perceive the world, our own little bubble of existence or is it conscious choices? I encourage you to think deeply about this, weight what your choices up to know have been. See the patterns governing your decision making. If you do not like what you see…get in there and change it.

Sagittarius: Inner Trust.


There is within a feeling, an energy, that we just can’t explain. We sometimes call it intuition, gut instinct, a mother’s knowing…but it is there. It is that surety we feel, a firm knowing that comes on us. Don’t ignore this Sagittarius. Trust in yourself. Know that your feelings are rarely wrong so act on them with trust, wisdom, and respect for all involved…including yourself.

Capricorn: Shock Of The New.


Watch out for something out of the blue Capricorn! New developments within and without may take you by surprise this month. Maybe you will find growth where you did not expect to see it. Inspiration? a major possibility. Finding your personal expression and courage to face a situation you have been avoiding, it is in the cards. No matter what may come, and it may challenge you, it will be all good things in the end.

Aquarius: Against The Grain.


Time to pop that bubble Aquarius. You have been swimming in your comfort zone way to long. Emotions of self-doubt and possibly anxiety have held you back from going where you wanna go. Cut that shield you have surrounded yourself with down and step forward. Take on a new skin. One that will walk with you as you go against what is comfortable for you. This skin is a new perspective, a new way of expression and thinking…it is empowerment. Going from pure feeling and reaction to thinking and responding can be overwhelming. Be assured you have the ability to do this.

Pisces: Follow Your Own Rhythm.


The rebel inside wants to dance Baby! Source that music inside you and start stepping. You will find your joy and peace when you move with your own music. Your music may clash with an other’s. Do not let this stop you. those people simply do not appreciate your personal genre. Keep shaking your ass and jiving to life, you will find those who resonate with you. When you do…invite them to dance.


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