December Carotscopes! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello Lovely Readers. December is upon us. Wow right! 2017 has been huge for me, so much change…but I’ll go into that in my next blog post. How about you guys? How has 2017 been for you? I hope it has been a positive one. 

Yesterday I worked on the Cartoscopes. And here they are! As always…these are meant to be short and sweet messages for each Astrological sign. Some will be longer than others. Please make sure to check out your Moon and Ascendant signs as well, for more guidance from Spirit.

I wish you all a wonderful December!


Aries: Ten Of Wands


Endings. Beginnings. The cycle of life. That is what this existence is all about. We are but tinder burning away. To what purpose is the question. Are we spinning our wheels so to speak…or are we actually going somewhere. Directing our energies with purpose is the key to seeing our needs/wants/goals come to life. We all get to crossroads and need to make a decision. What are we going to choose? Comfort or discomfort?

Remember that comfort is not always the way to go. Sitting in our comfortable bubbles is nice but gets us nowhere. Embrace the discomfort. Seek out the scary and vulnerable moments. Take them in and use them to fuel your life. The terrain might get rocky. Don’t let that discourage you. The bruises we endure along this life are there to remind us of what we truly seek.


Taurus: King Of Cups


Eat, drink and be merry! You have everything you need right in your hands. Why are you questioning its existence?

The doubt you are feeling is your own self-consciousness. Stop looking for issues where there are not any. When you feel the urge to project, stop for a moment. Reassess what you are thinking. Open communication and expression of how you are feeling is important to seeking out the truth of matters. Asking for reassurance is never a bad thing. We all need to hear the words we crave.

The truth is… Right there in your possession. The love, respect, and support you need is already given to you.

Now is the time to give to others. You have the abundant heart to give. Celebrate it!

Gemini: Queen Of Pentacles


How does your heart beat? Where does your spirit reside? If you are feeling a bit lost lately in the hustle and bustle of life…its time to slow down. This is a timely message for you as the holidays are upon us. Connecting with loved ones over the next little while will be good for you. Being with those in your family that came before you will lend you perspective. Make a point of having a few heart to hearts with family and friends.

Also, Take time for yourself. Connect with yourself. Listen to that heartbeat. See where you have been neglectful of yourself. Work on repairing that relationship with your spirit. We only know ourselves when we take time to be with ourselves. Richness comes from knowing who we truly and purely are.

Cancer: Four Of Pentacles


Time to watch those dollars! This time of year can be devastating to our pocketbooks. Don’t be afraid to be conservative with your funds. There are so many other ways to give gifts then rushing around consumerist meccas. More meaningful is the gift of yourself. Of creating moments and memories. This sounds hokey…but bare with me! It is true I swear. Spending time, not money, is of more worth than any store-bought gift.

So open up that idea box and get creative! Start now to think of ways to make those moments with your friends and family truly special and fun.

Leo: The High Priestess


Within you rages power. Power you have not tapped yet. You are solid like rock yet free like the wind. There is no holding you back, so proceed.

Proceed with the knowledge that you make shit happen. No amount of patriarchal bullshit can keep you from doing your business. You write the rules for your life…not other people. Make the rules as you go if you need to. If anyone has a problem with that, tell them the door is over in the other direction.

No negativity or conflicting energies need be tolerated.

Virgo: Seven Of Wands


Are trolls invading your sacred space? Do you see the pikes coming at you and feel fear? The fear of being torn down when you feel like your progressing so nicely is intense. It can be overwhelming. You may feel like you are defenseless and that these trolls have better weapons then you. Well, you don’t need to have fancy weaponry. Peaceful defense is all that is needed. Stand firm and confident in your position. Know that your intellect, creative work and anything else is what you are making it. The opinions of others don’t carry any weight unless you let them.

Now let us turn this around…What if the troll is you? Are you sabotaging yourself? You might not even realize you’re doing it. Take a look and see if that is indeed the truth. What does your personal self-talk sound like? If it sounds like your attacking yourself, then that is something you will need to work on. Some meditation that promotes a loving mindset may in order. However you go about becoming your best supporter…know that you are worthy of success.

Libra: Ace Of Wands


Shed the chaff and burn it! There is no need for you to be holding on to the foliage that is not serving a purpose. No need for fluff or circumstance, just pure inspiration, and passion. Feeling a little indecisive? Go with what feels best. Allow your soul to lead you. Passion is the love child of creation…go with it!

Scorpio: The Lovers


The Masculine and Feminine are the loving parents of our inner child. The tenderness and connection between our two halves create a safe haven. When we are in balance love and support for ourselves is natural and comes easily. This allows our inner selves to grow, heal and be free of any past trauma. It is a process, it is work, but as we live consciously it will become easier bringing that balance back when we feel off.

So how can we achieve this balance? Through small loving acts directed at ourselves. Saying no when yes would cause us to sacrifice just a bit too much of ourselves. Creating boundaries that ensure us a safe space to live within. A simple bubble bath with a glass of wine might do the trick. It does not matter what the loving acts are…it is the act itself. Making sure you feel loved by you is a wonderful feeling.

Sagittarius: Cernunnos (The Devil)


The great stag has made his presence known. He is here to tempt you into all sorts of lovely and delicious activities. Let him.

Go and be free. Feel with abandon and do those things you have always wanted to. Seek pleasure in all its forms. Do not limit yourself.

Capricorn: Ace Of Cups


Emotional struggle is part of life. This is natural and as it should be. The gift we are given though is one of resiliency. As we allow our feeling to flow and refresh we see the magic in them. They give us direction and wisdom. Which stream, river or ocean do you choose? Dip your toes in them all and see what happens. Experiment and be courageous in your choices. You will be surprised at the wondrous experiences you can have.

Aquarius: King of Swords.


Deep thinking and strategizing can be dirty work. You know what you need though. You have already thought through all the possibilities. Now is time to do the work and see the outcome. You may be hesitating out of a feeling of uncertainty…Take action anyway.

Pisces: The Star


Like a lot of people…maybe your emotions are in a flutter right now. December is upon us and that can cause some inner turmoil. What do I cook to take to aunt so and so’s party? What do I buy for whom? And so on. During this month take time for retreat. Social media breaks, a parents day away from the kids, a romantic dinner with your lover…and anything else you might think of. There are so many expectations put on this time of year that it can end up creating an atmosphere of stress and depression. Make it your mission to counter that with enjoyable recreation and relaxation.














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