A Sun Worshippers Year Ahead Spread

I think New Years Eve is a great time to do a spread like this. Here are the details and important info to understand how this spread works.

In my personal practice I follow the phases of the sun through the year. I personally find it hard to keep up wth the moon changing so rapidly. LOL. I also have very fiery and sun filled deities as my Matron and Patron. 😉

For me the sun goes through it’s three phases of waxing (Maiden), full (Mother) and waning (Crone). I have created my own little sun phase timeline, see the chart below. Please keep in mind I am not an astrologer or professional astrophysicist. THIS IS NOT PERFECTION PEOPLE…But it works for me. LMAO.


Ok so going along with this basic chart of the year I made a spread that took this into account. Here is what the lay out looks like. Not the best graphic but you will get the idea. 🙂


Here are the position correspondences…

1)Your Year Card. This can be consciously chosen or you can follow the Equation i am going to provide you below.
5-16) are the cards for each month of the year.

** To calculate your year card—> Add the month and day of your birth to the current year, e.g.: so for me it would look like this..


next I would add the 2, 3, and 9 together to find my card number. 14 is my number so Temperance is my card for 2017. 😀

If your number is over 22(the fool card would be 22 in this situation) reduce the number until you have a number between 1-22.**

How to read this spread…

Here is where the fun begins! So start with getting your Year Card. As stated above you can choose this consciously or use the math above to find it. Either way..pull that card out and lay it down. You can sit with this card and journal about it or move to the next step.

Next, Pull three cards and place them as show in the diagram above. These are your waxing, full and waning sun cards. Look at the first chart above to see what dates each of these cards covers. You can sit with these cards and journal about them or move to the next step.

Next pull cards for each month of the year. Place them as shown above.

Now it is time to read your cards. I suggest you have a pen and a journal with you while you do this. record your feelings, thoughts and spiritual downloads on to paper or even to a word processor. No matter how you choose to do it the point is to have a record of it.

I have done this spread for myself in my year end ritual. I hope you will enjoy doing it as much as I did. I plan to look back at my writings and impressions as the year goes on. I hope you will to. I know we will all have so much to learn and experience in the next year…we will definitely have things to add or even be able to understand what we saw more clearly at a later date.

I have created a video about this spread. I have attached it below for you. 

I hope you have fun with this spread! Let me know what your think. 😀 

Bright Blessing to you all,