Welcome to my services page! I am honored you are taking a look around. If you see a reading you like, I would love to work with you.

After you’ve made your purchase, you will be contacted by email within 24 hours. In this email, I will encourage you to let me know why you would like a reading and any other information I require to create a reading for the uniqueness that is you.

Within 2-3 weeks you will receive your written report or private, personal video depending on the reading you requested. The reason for this schedule is because I also work full-time, and I strive to give my utmost care and love to all of my readings. I will always endevour to deliver your reading as soon as I possibly can.

I do not foretell the future. I am here to offer wisdom as received through divination. My readings are for spiritual guidance and life empowerment. Think of me as your own personal inspirational speaker.

Before making a purchase, please make sure to see my code of conduct and terms of use & privacy policy pages. All prices listed are in Canadian dollars.

Tarot Readings

Quick And Dirty (One Card) $5 btn_buynow_SM.gif

This is a one card reading Ladies and Gents. Quick and Fast, this reading is for those of you who just want some clarity super fast. This reading is not hugely in-depth, one card can only tell us so much, so keep that in mind.

You will receive a short 2-5 minute video reading, uploaded to my private youtube channel for client reading videos. All videos are locked down and private for only your eyes, no worries about privacy. The link will be emailed to you once it is uploaded.

Spirit Whispers Lite $15 btn_buynow_SM.gif

Do you ever need a quick reminder that life is not all drudgery? Are you having a hard time making a decision? Need a little pep talk from Spirit straight to your spirit? Then this is the perfect reading for you.

All readings are fully customized to your individual needs and questions. I will use 3-4 cards and create a personal video for you. You will receive the video via link through email.

Rx For Calming Anxiety $20 btn_buynow_SM.gif

For those of us that that have anxiety as a familiar friend. Sometimes anxiety can take over our lives. It trashes our confidence and self-worth. Anxiety is sadly not something that can really be cured. It is something that needs to be managed. This reading is designed to focus on one aspect of our anxiety at a time. We will look at the root of it and then discuss how we can work through it to a more peaceful state of mind.

Please note: I am not a medical practitioner, a tarot reading is not a replacement for professional care. Please see your doctor for any and all serious anxiety or depression concerns.

Discover Your Spark $25 btn_buynow_SM.gif

This reading is a great choice if you are lacking motivation or stuck in some way. Do you want to get moving on your goals and dreams but need a kick in the butt? I’m here to give you that loving push forward. Let’s discover your spark.

All readings are fully customized to your individual needs and questions. I will use my Spark Spread (5 cards) and create a personal video for you. You will receive the video via link through email.

The Love is Love Reading $25 btn_buynow_SM.gif

This reading is great for those of you who want a little insight into your romantic life. Do you need a health check up on your current relationship? Are you wondering when romance will come into you life? Then this is the reading for you.

Please know I am not a predictive reader. I can not tell The time and date when romance will find you. I can not tell you if you will get married or what another person is thinking. What I can do for you is give you actionable advice on what you can do to manifest romance into your life, and help you get insight into your current relationship. We can talk about how to encourage more sexiness and heart vibes into the partnership.

Spirit Whispers v2.0 $30 btn_buynow_SM.gif

Are you in need of some spiritual guidance? Need a different point of view to help you see things more clearly? This reading option is a good choice for the more meaty issues and concerns you may have.

All readings are fully customized to your individual needs and questions. I will use 6-8 cards and create a personal video for you. You will receive the video via link through email.

Shadow Diving $30 btn_buynow_SM.gif

“When we numb the dark, we numb the light.” – Brene Brown.

In this reading we will dive into what we are ignoring, numbing or refusing to see about ourselves. Be brave dear soul. Let us travel together and explore what is holding you back. Lets look at your fears and doubts and in doing so, Step in to your light and personal power.

All readings are fully customized to your individual needs and questions. I will use my Two Of Swords Spread (4-8 cards) and create a personal video for you. You will receive the video via link through email.

Warrior’s Cry $30 btn_buynow_SM.gif

50% of proceeds go to charitable organizations

February & March 2017: Proceeds will go to Vancouver Rape Relief. They are a very well established organization and have been around for 35 years.

In today’s political climate we can feel like we are powerless. We can question if there is anything we are able to do to help. I too felt this way. I was inspired by others in the tarot reading community to set up this charitable reading. I am extremely excited to serve you and be able to give to charitable organizations.

We all can feel a bit lifeless at times and the weight of negativity can really be life sucking. The Warriors Cry reading is completely customized for you. This reading will channel your Warriors Cry and give you insights for bringing courage, bravery and action into your soul. This is a very empowering reading!

You will receive a 20-minute, 4-card video reading, posted to my private Youtube channel for client readings. Your reading is completely private, for your eyes only, and a link will be send to you by email.

The No-BS Skype Tarot Readings $30-$40

30-Minute, 3-4 Card Reading ($30)  btn_buynow_SM.gif

45-Minute, 5-6 Card Reading ($40)  btn_buynow_SM.gif

You will receive a 30 or 45-minute Skype session with me depending on your selection. We will discuss your questions and dive into the cards. All done with loads of support and love.

Nope, this reading will not be all fluffy bunny, why? Because that is not life. I will touch on hard truths as they come up and not sugar coat them. My promise is that I will always have your back with encouragement and loving kindness. I will create a reading just for your unique needs and concerns.


Pendulum Reading $5 btn_buynow_SM.gif

This reading is a quick Yes or No reading. This reading is for those indecisive moments we all have. Only yes or no question are appropriate for this reading.

You will receive a video of the reading. This way you will see the pendulum in action. I will explain the set up in such a way that you will know and understand what exactly the pendulum is telling you. I will, of course, be stating the pendulum’s answer just to make sure there is clarity.

Please understand I do not take responsibility for what you do with the answer given.

Charm Cast Reading $50 btn_buynow_SM.gif

This is a very special reading indeed!

This reading is done through Charm Casting. Charm Casting is a form of divination using small items and casting them on a surface. The reader then reads the layout of how the charms have landed. You will receive an approximately 1,500-word report including pictures of the charm combinations read.

For more information, please see the Blog and YouTube video I have made that explains the process.