00 – The Fool


Elemental Association: Air

Planetary Association: Uranus

Number: 0

Key Words: Dreamy. Alternative. Independent. Maker of Choices. Innocence. Lack of preparedness. Spontaneous. Has skills to use. Dancing into the unknown. Adventurous. Seeking new knowledge or learning. Willing to endure hardships. A bumpy road. Trust. Faith. New paths. Completely open to life’s experiences. Spiritually ready to journey into the shadow. Cosmic Egg. Beginnings. Newness. A Wanderer. Expansion.

Description of this Card: The Fool Card is one of freshness and adventure. Looking forwards to new things and being ready for it. Imagine a 3 year old..they are generally all for learning and experiencing new things. They have this amazed look in their eyes when they discover something new to them. This is the fool.

The Fool is seen as a blank slate, the just hatched egg of cosmic potential, the wondering lust of life, the unlearned child, the adventure seeker and many more colourful descriptors. In the Fool card the individual is often seen with a dreamy look on their face as if they are in another world. This could be seen and interpreted in many ways, I like to see it as if they are looking at their hope and what they can achieve.

We are the fool also when we are grown. We have fool energy when embarking on new enterprises. Starting up a new business, learning a new skill or facing our fears. These are fool moments for us at any age. This energy is us being willing to expand and become more then what we where the moment before.

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