01 – The Magician


Element: Air

Planetary Association: Mercury

Number: 1

Key Words: Eternal power. Strength of will. In control of their power. Intelligent. Learned. Knows the tools of life and manifestation. Mental fortitude and expansion. The master of creating what they want in life. Has the ability to see what others do not. Arrogance. Willful. Tricky. Blind to what is not important to them. Shadow worker. Ancestral healer. Leader. Spiritual teacher. Confidence. Dimensional traveler. Soul retriever. Connected to the universal energies. Multitasker.

Description of the Card: The Magician is a dynamic character. He is strong and knows it. He can border on the arrogant and can take pleasure in trickery. He know his abilities and his power. He is not afraid to be who he is and never shrinks under pressure. They are a learned and knowledgable person. This character has the ability to see what others do not, but has no time for what does not interest them. 

The magician shows us our personal power and potential. They are focused and in control of what they are doing. They have their own sphere of power that they are in touch with and it is no one else’s but their own. They have learnt to work with it and control it. They know when to expend/release/and let out their energies and when to hold onto/bring back/ and mold their energies either internally or externally. They are creative and not afraid of experimentation. They know that life is all about doing and reaping the results.

The magician can be a healing character as well. Adept in soul work and looking ones shadows in the eye. They have no fear of the unknown. The magician has all they need and if they find there is something missing in their toolbox, they simply make it or acquire it in some fashion. They are quite resourceful that way.

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