02 – The High Priestess


Element: Water

Planetary Association: Moon

Number: 2

Key Words: Internal, Emotional, Spiritual, Aligned with planetary cycles, Knower of mysteries, Works with other realms, Magical creator, Ritual, Psychic powers, In tune with spirit, Calm command, Confident female power, Gentle leadership, Motivational Speaker. Realm traveler, Regalness, Female Shaman, Path Worker, Shadow working badass.

Card Description: The High Priestess is quite a regal looking figure. She is quietly confident. The High Priestess knows absolutely where her powers lay and she lives in that power. She is open and willing to share her wisdom. She has a strong connection to her higher self and is no stranger to shadow work or the shadow in general. She dives deep into the unknown and looks at what others refuse or deny to be reality. She is a medicine woman. She knows what is in the soul and helps to bring out the darkness so that we may accept and incorporate that into our whole. She knows magic and medicinal herds. She gives spiritual and soul healing advice and direction. The passive feminine power that the High Priestess embodies is mastery over the emotional and worldly chaos we all experience. 

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