03 – The Empress


Element: Earth

Planetary Association: Venus

Number: 3

Key Words: Mother Earth, Gaia, Lush, Fullness, Fertility, Growth, Pregnancy, Physical Cycles, Sacrifice, Love, Sexuality, Nurturing, Physical Creativity, Green Woman, Venus, Freya, Expansiveness, Youth, Wellspring of life, Divine Feminine, Birth, Sacred Caldron,

Card Description: The Empress is the epitome of femininity. She is the Earth. She is Gaia. She is the new sprouts that spring up with new growth cycles.

She is the flowing waters of a woman’s womb. She is sex and fertility.

The Empress is a caring and mothering figure. She is concerned with your wellbeing and health. She can signify pregnancy and She is motherhood.

In our creative pursuits the Empress tells us we will be fruitful if we allow gestation to occur.

The Empress embodies the Wild Woman archetype. She is female freedom, She bows to no man. She is the free spirited, ecstatic divine feminine.


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