Thank you to all my lovely customers who have left me with some very kind and thoughtful feedback!

Thank you so much this reading was amazing and definitely inspirational. This is really what I needed to hear and a great push for me.

Keep doing what you do,


Camielle A

Wow! It’s hard to keep this review short. Bree simply hit the nail on the head each time when she would bring up the challenge and then offer such a doable solution, a way to help. Her readings, like the RX reading is about solutions. I thank her for that. And I have been doing those walking meditations she suggested!

Thanks Bree!


Kimm Smith

I was very impressed at how much care and detail went into my video reading. Your guidance has helped me navigate a major crossroad in my life. Thank you!

Tanya B

A wonderful, insightful reading with such positive vibes all around. It was exactly the message that I needed at this time in my life. Thank you 🙂

Madame Lavey

Wow! First, let me say thank you! I’ve been wanting to do a reading for my question on my own but was too nervous of what the outcome would be. The way you described and broke down the card for me, I really felt connected. Such a beautiful reading. You have no idea how much pressure you have helped me release by this reading.

Jess R.

Wow!! Thank you so much for this, it was absolutely spot on….I have a plan for how to make a solid plan, lol. The reading was pretty in depth and covered just about everything I would think needed covering, and your style is really sweet and encouraging. I’m definitely saving this to look back on when things get tough. 🙂

Ari S.

I had a reading from Bree and within three days everything the cards said played out. I highly highly recommend her.

Jessica B.